Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Yow Hon Cambodian Hot Pot at Senmonorom in Lowell

To conclude our fun filled wedding weekend celebrating "Paulyna's" matrimonial bliss, the Mo and I, (along with his siblings) sent off his father and brother with a Cambodian specialty meal, "Yow Hon."  We headed to Senmonorom Restaurant in Lowell where you may have read my previous post on Cambodian rural dishes.

Cambodian Yow Hon or Hot Pot, is served in special family gatherings and it involves cooking and sharing the meal together.  Every family makes the broth different but the main ingredients contain coconut milk and Chinese BBQ sauce made with dried shrimp, brill fish, garlic, chili and other ingredients.  Others get creative and add coconut soda, crushed pineapple and even beer. 
 Here is my recipe for the soup base.  The soup needs to be thick and rich so that the flavors stick to the meats and vegetables that are cooked in the pot.

The Mo and I arrived at Senmonorom before the others and took it upon ourselves to order a couple of apps for the table.  We went with the spicy fried calamari and the fried quail served with lime and pepper sauce.  Both were very good.

Senmonorom Restaurant Lowell Spicy Calamari
Senmonorom Restaurant Lowell Fried Quail
The Mo's younger brother, Paul, was able to call ahead to pre-order the large version of the soup.  It's served on a tabletop stove with it's own can of propane.  The meal is good for 5-8 people and it comes with rice vermicelli noodles, beef, tripe, squid and shrimp.  For vegetables, the restaurant offers Napa Chinese cabbage, basil, two types of mushrooms, Chinese mustard greens, and watercress.  There are also quail eggs that come floating in the broth.  Price is $ 55.00 for the large version.

Cambodian Yow Hon at Senmonorom Lowell
Beef, tripe, squid, shrimp platter for Hot Pot
Vegetable Platter for Hot Pot

Senmonorom Noodles for Hot Pot
Of course if you know me, I rarely eat anything the way it's served and I always have to modify it or change it.  In addition to the included meats and veggies, I also ordered a side of fried bean curd and meatballs to go with the meal.  I believe they are about $5.00 each.  The bean curd is so delicious because it soaks up all the flavors of the soup.  It's probably not the healthiest option because its deep fried and also soaks up the coconut milk and fat from the broth.  I also like to dip my meats in hot chili oil and soy bean paste.

Side order of Meatballs for Cambodian Hot Pot
Fried Bean Curd at Senmonorom Restaurant
There are different ladles and small colanders to pick up the food and drop it into the boiling pot.  Each person is pretty much responsible for adding items that are placed in front of them.  I like to drench my noodles with the broth and dip my meat and tofu into the soybean sauce.

It was so good! Our table killed all the meats and veggies and we had to order another plate of noodles. That's pretty typical.  Senmonorom never disappoints with their yow hon hot pot.  They also offer a clear brother that is similar to the Shabu Shabu and served with yellow noodles and wide flat rice noodles.  They are both delicious but I prefer Yow Hon any day over the later.
  1. Senmonorom Restaurant
  2. Address: 1671 Middlesex St, Lowell, MA 01851

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