Monday, July 17, 2017

Orangetheory Peak Performance Week: 500 Meter row

Week 1 Training Recap:
Run: Estimated 12.5 miles (3 OTF Classes, 1 Bruce Freeman run, 1 Best Fitness Tread Run)
Barre: 4 Times

Yay, Week 1 is over and I actually stuck with the running goal!

The weekend was action packed and we were all over the place. I did so well last week eating/drinking/working out wise but I failed miserably this weekend.  At my cousin's house in New York, I couldn't stop grazing on everything in sight.  I didn't drink all day then finally caved in at midnight at the dinner table when the party died done and the older cousins were hanging out.

The next day we continued to eat and drink our way at another party.  It was never ending.  The finale was eating Chinese late at night and watching the season premier of Game of Thrones.

I didn't have time to food prep so I went to Pressed and picked up overnight oats for breakfast and an eggplant protein bowl for lunch.  My weekly "treat" is becoming expensive as it's been more frequent and not really a treat anymore.

This week at Orangetheory, it's "Peak Performance Week."  The week gives club members the ability to measure their improvement every 6 months.  The workouts include a 500 & 2000 meter row, a 1 mile challenge and a run for stance 24 minute challenge.  I am NOT looking forward to the 2000 meter row.

Today, we had the 500 meter row.  It's not too bad but it's not easy either.  Our coach Chrys encouraged us to try to get around 1 minute 45 secs or under the 2 minute mark. My goal was to hit 1 minute 45 seconds.  I started off strong but by the time I got to 350 meters, I was getting tired.  I was shaking and I could feel and see myself getting much slower.  I finished at 1 minute 41 secs so I got to my goal and beat it! My friend Kristin was rowing next to me and was in the lead for the fastest female row under 40! Kudos Kristin! She kicked ass!

On the floor, we had more rows! We did single arm rows low with the dumbbells and pull ups on the TRX.  The treadmill block consisted of some hills and a few all outs on the hills.  I was so dehydrated and my calves were tingling and cramping up so I had to move to the strider a few times during the last block.

Instead of going to my usual barre stick class, I opted to go food shopping and food prep so I wouldn't eat out again.