Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Orangetheory Peak Performance Week: 24 minute Run for Distance Challenge

What a tough day today! 4.6 miles done!

Today was day 2 of Orangetheory Peak Performance Week. Attendees had to run/walk for distance to see where they would end up in 24 minutes. I had a goal of 2 miles, (12 minute/mile). My goal should have been more than that considering I've run 5K in less than 36 minutes before.

I arrived at the gym with lots of anxiety. I wanted to try to run the whole thing. I've ran a 5K non stop before so I can do this!!!

I started at a 5.5 pace and stuck with it for about 15 minutes before slowing down. I took a quick walking recovery then started to do sprints with walking recovery. When I started walking, my awesome friends Kristin and Simonne started to cheer me on so I picked up the pace.  It was all in my head. Clearly it was anxiety and I should have gone faster and didn't stop. I finished a little over 2 miles. I looked at my performance summary and I didn't even hit any red. I was glad I hit my goal but I should have set a higher one.

The challenge just so happened to be on the same day I'm scheduled for running 3 miles.  I sucked it up and had plans to meet my friends at Bruce Freeman before it started to POUR. We settled for Best Fitness Lowell instead and just ran on the treadmill. Half of the run was a consistent 5.0 pace then I moved towards intervals during the 2nd half. I transitioned between 5MPH, 8 MPH and walk to get to 2.51 miles in about 32.23 minutes. Clearly, this wasn't my BEST as I have run 2.51 miles last week in 28 minutes.

For dinner, the friends came over for our rotating dinner series and we had "Taco Tuesday" courtesy of Mera. Everything was great!