Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sunset & Cockails at Go with the Flow Baga Beach Goa

Go with the Flow was one of my favorite dining experiences in India.  The ambiance was wonderful and the food was great. Prices were very reasonable and we had a great time. Also, all profits from the restaurant goes to the Samarpan Foundation, "surrendering your identify to the Universe."  The non-profit charity serves the most poor and vulnerable people so I was happy that we were dining for a good cause.

Go with the Flow
Beef Na Pedra
We were told that the best sunset view was from the tower at Go with the Flow in Baga Beach Goa.  One can sit in the funky chairs, sip on cocktails and watch all the fisherman's boat come in.

Here is the view of the Baga river infront of the restaurant.

All the fisherman's boats.

We took a taxi from our hotel by Tito's lane and with a short drive, we arrived at the restaurant.  It was a Sunday night and we were the only patrons there.  To our disappointment, the tower was also closed for renovations so we wouldn't be drinking cocktails and watching the sun go down.

The restaurant itself was pretty cool and trendy. I felt like I was transported into a different world like Alice in the Wonderland.  There were beautiful LED lights, lush gardens, a waterfall and unique sculptures glowing orbs.

We were seated at a table and quickly brought over mosquito spray.  At first, I was surprised but then I realized our proximity to the Baga River made it deem necessary.  A bottle of Sula wine was 1500 INR vs. 1000 INR which I paid in southern Goa so I opted to get a glass instead.

After our drinks arrived, the server brought over a complimentary amuse bouche, palate cleanser.  It was a crispy fish curry ball served with chilled soup.  The fried morsel was delicious but the soup tasted like bad barbecue sauce.

complimentary amuse bouche
fried fish curry 
For starters, we shared the pork momos, prawns in 5 sauces and Escondidnho,

The pork momos were plain.  They tasted like something you can buy frozen in a bag and steamed on your own.

Pork momos
I loved the concept of Prawns in 5 sauces.  I wished the prawns were larger and more succulent. They were too small to share. The 5 sauces included aioli, soya caramel, curry butter, red chili and pesto. Pretty much the basic condiments in a pantry.

Prawn in 5 Sauces 
I had no idea what "Escondidinho" was. I had to pull out my phone and do a Google image search. The menu described it as a "Brazilian style dried beef in a tower of pumpkin puree, mascarpone and Grana Pamegiani cheese" This was my favorite starter among the three.

Escondidinho - Brazilian beef and pumpkin puree

To continue with the Brazilian/Portuguese theme, I ordered the Beef na Pedra for my entree.  The "cook your own" beef tableside dinner included fries, salad, garlic bread and a sauce to choose from. I went wit the porcini mushroom sauce. Everything was wonderful, even the side salad. I appreciated the sliced olives and the dressing was delicious.

Beef na peda
 We cooked the beef of a hot stone. Oil was provided to grease the stone.  Once the stone got too cool to cook on, the server would bring us a new piping hot stone to continue with.

The Mo went with the roasted pork belly glazed in a sweet and source sauce.  The swine is imported from Belgium and served with a delicious corn and bacon croquette.  I had a bite of the pork and fritter and they were both delicious.  I would recommend serving the dish with a steak knife as it was hard to cut the crispy pork fat with a butter knife.

Go With the Flow Belgium Roasted Pork Belly

After 3 appetizers and 2 entrees, we didn't have room for dessert.  Nothing looked too intriguing, it seems like it was just ice cream, mousse and cheesecake.  Also they offer sushi maki rolls but they all looked pretty basic rolls like Philly roll, California roll, Avocado roll, etc.

My favorite part of the meal was the price! All the above only set us back $70.00 USD. That is half of what we spent at Martin's Corner.

Here is map of the Go with the Flow courtesy of the restaurant's website.