Friday, November 6, 2015

Modern sushi and Asian cuisine at Nobo in Chelmsford

Move over Sushi Yanagi, I've found a new favorite sushi joint in Chelmsford! I've been meaning to check this place out since its opening earlier this year but for some reason, we never got a chance to.  The Mo and I finally visited last Friday to celebrate my birthday (and to rack extra points on Chase First Fridays Dining!)
Spider Roll $9.50
We went around 9 PM and the place was pretty busy.  There are 2 sides, one is more of a lounge and the other is a dining area with a sushi bar where you can sit and watch the chefs prep maki rolls and sushi boats.

(pics were taken after everyone left, right before closing)

I started off with a pear martini and the Mo went with the sake flight sampler.  The martini was very tasty .. so I had two! 

Pear Martini 
 I thought the names and descriptions of the sake  on the label sheet was neat. and helpful.

Sake Flight Sampler
You can't go to a Japanese or "Modern Asian Cuisine" and not try their sushi maki rolls.  They had a great selection of standard rolls as well as some interesting creations, 'The Firework," "The Buddhist", "The Emperor."  We settled for "The Cape" which has softshell crab, avocado, cucumber, topped off with lobster salad and tobiko.  It was delicious! The roll had a generous amount of seafood and was presented nicely.

The Cape (Soft Shell Crab + Lobster) $14.95

The Mo loves eel so we tried "The Ko MO do" which has shrimp tempura and topped of with eel, avocado, cucumber and black caviar. The dish was less glamorous compared to its rivalry nearby but the combination of the crunchy shrimp along with the soft eel and avocado was perfect.

The Komodo $13.95
On the cold starters menu, we tried the Jalapeno hamachi which is yellowtail sashimi and jalapenos with a ponzu sauce.  It was just OK and I should have stuck with my favorite, pepper crusted tuna.  Next time!

Jalapeno Hamachi Appetizer $10.95
After we got our sushi fix, we moved on to hot starters and entrees.  When I took a bite into the grilled shishito peppers, I knew I was gonna pay for it the next day.  Even the Mo couldn't handle it. It was good but too much to handle.

Grilled Shishito Peppers $7.95
The lettuce wraps were my least favorite. My #1 preference still goes out to P.F. Changs. I think the chicken breast was too big and dry.

Nobo Chelmsford Lettuce Wraps $8.95
By this time , we couldnt order a main entree. I was intrigued by the grilled lamb rack and the double cooked duck breast but we knew we wouldn't be able to finish it. I will definitely be back to try those items!

In lieu of an entree, we got bacon fried rice to share. It was a bit on the bland side but the dish was light and the bacon wasn't overwhelming. I think it was a bit overpriced at $12.95 for a small portion.

Bacon Fried rice $12.95
At the end of our meal, the server surprised me with a song and green tea mochi's. (She knew it was my bday because we got carded.. oh how I felt so young!) 

How I love mochi's. They are like little balls of heaven filled with ice cream.

We would definitely be back. Although I could do without the bacon fried rice and lettuce wraps, I did enjoy the drinks and the maki rolls.  I dont think we would become regulars as our bill was about $170.00 after tip and taxes but we would definitely go for a celebratory dinner for a birthday or anniversary.

18 Boston Road
Chelmsford, MA 01824
(978) 770-2499