Saturday, March 28, 2015

You can take the girl out of the hostel...

but you can't take the hostel out of the girl.

The price shock of Seychelles wasn't getting any easier.  We took it easy today and just laid out by the beach and pool, spending as little money as possible.

We started our morning late at the resort's breakfast buffet. I wasn't in the mood for the traditional breakfast so I made a bowl of congee using ingredients from the omelette station.

Since we arrived at the beach late, there was a short wait for sun loungers.  The water was so warm and clear!

For lunch, we walked into town to a local "takeaway" joint.  6 pieces of fried chicken only set us back $7.00. It was actually pretty good.

In town, I picked up ingredients for sangria.  Everything costs about $30.00, which is equivalent to the price of only two glasses in the resort.  I was able to make more than 5 liters! (That's almost 3 days worth!)

After spending some time poolside, we headed back to the beach to watch the beautiful sunset.

Since it was Happy Hour, we shelled out for 2 mai tais then I had buyer's remorse.

We washed up and walked down the beach path to La Fontaine for dinner.  There was a short wait for the al fresco dining area.

There was live music playing John Legend covers along with some local music. It was nice.

This place is known for their thin clay oven pizza so we got one with anchovies and olives.

For dinner, we got the cheapest thing on the menu which was fish and chips and chicken curry.  Dinner was OK, it costs about $60.00 for a pizza, 2 entrees and half a carafe of white wine.