Saturday, March 28, 2015

Goodbye Savoy Resort & Beau Vallon...

until next time...

(Disclaminer: All pics were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5 not the DSLR, I wasn't going to lug around that shit all day)

Beau Vallon Beach

I woke up today feeling a bit sad.  Sad that we had to leave the resort and sad that I broke my Kindle from frolicking in the beach the day before. Basically, my waterproof sleeve was defective and water got in.  I now have a static image of the first page of the "Bahamas" chapter of Chelsea Handler's "Uganda Be Kidding Me."  This actually happens quite a bit. I destroy a new Kindle on every other vacation.  Amazon's default name for my next e-Reader will be "Khemary's 5th Kindle."

We took our breakfast outside on the patio overlooking the water fountains. There was the usual mimosas, noodles and my favorite congee.  I threw in some terriyaki chicken in the mix.  I have to admit, if I was a guest staying at the resort for a week, I'd get bored of the food pretty quick.  I quickly noticed that all the super skinny girls were loading up on plates of fruits.  They didn't partake in the bacon or pastries but just water and fruit plates.  Note to self: Eat only fruit if you want to be skinny.  Fuck it, I'm on vacation.  After-all, I had wedges of brie and prosciutto for breakfast everyday like it was a Zombie apocalypse.

Mami-Eggroll's typical breakfast on vacation. Congee and Mimosa

It was check out day and we decided to over welcome our stay.  We packed our things (which I admit, was waayyy too much stuff and I over-packed once again) and checked out at noon. The final tab wasn't as bad as I thought.  Despite that we had already checked out, that didn't stop us from heading back to the pool for another three hours while our luggage patiently waited for us in storage.

After my skin was transforming into a prune like condition, we walked into "town" to the grocery store to stock up on juice, snacks, and beer for our next leg of the trip.  The local Seybrew beer cost about 25-28 SCR which is almost equivalent to $2.00 USD.  It's still a bit more expensive than the states but much cheaper than what the hotel charges, which is close to $10.00 USD each not including the VAT and service fees.

image via Make Big Plans
We heard music and an MC on the beach path near the Savoy resort and followed the BBQ charcoal tantalizing aroma in the air.  There were food vendors as well as gift stalls.  I thought, "Perfect timing for lunch!"  It was the Beau Vallon Saturday market.  I wished it was open everyday that we were there!

After checking out all the food offerings, we decided to go with a local woman who was on the heavier side.  You can always trust a fat cook!   We both got a half mixed rice plate special, which essential was 2 entrees, white rice and papaya side dish for ONLY 50 SCR.  We paid a little over $7.00 USD for BOTH combo plates! I couldn't decide if I was more excited about the stir fried spicy pork belly or the price of the plates.

I went with the pork belly and chicken curry combo and the Mo went with the beef strips and spicy chicken combo.

We ate our lunch beach-side, taking in our last moments at Beau Vallon.  Both were VERY good and I was extremely HAPPY!  

I knew it was really time to leave, our taxi had arrived.  I was like a little kid being pulled out of a candy store.  I wasn't kicking or screaming , the Mo wouldn't put up with THAT shit.  I was just sad to say goodbye to Savoy.

I would definitely recommend Savoy Resort and Spa if you are planning a trip to Mahe Island, Seychelles.  Out of curiosity, I went online to check out the prices and it's all over the place.  The Mo got an "Agoda Secret Deal" and booked a Garden view room with breakfast for about $260.00 a night, luckily for us we were upgraded to a Junior Suite, which is almost double the price.

Currently, the price on their website is $700.00 a night USD for the junior suite but I'm sure you can find cheaper deals through online sites like agoda, booking or expedia.  Today, I found $352.00 a night for the cheapest garden suite room and $550.00 a night for the junior suite via expedia.  I would have KILLED the Mo if he spent $550.00 a night for our room. Luckily he was able to furnish evidence that he didn't and showed me the room confirmation.