Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beau Vallon Beaches & Mimosa Bar

Beau Vallon Beach
Mahe, Seychelles
1st night in Seychelles and we're still jet lagged.  We woke up around 3 AM, WIDE AWAKE with nothing to do. After unsuccessfully trying to go back to sleep, we put on our gym clothes and head to the brand new 24 hour gym.  Of course we were the only ones there.

We waited for 7 AM to come so we could indulge in the breakfast buffet that came with our room package.  The breakfast offerings was quite extensive.  There were pancakes and waffles bars, omelette station, fruit stand, FRESHLY BAKED artisan bread and pastries, a salad station with CHARCUTERIE staples, hot entrees and my absolute favorite, a MIMOSA BAR!

All that eating and drinking sure put us in a food coma and we took a nap.  We woke up before noon and decided to explore Beau Vallon by foot.  It was hot but not too humid.  The beach by our hotel was gorgeous.

After our adventure, we read by the pool and cooled off for a few hours.  Since I've already finished all the Game of Thrones books, my choice for the day was "Uganda be Kidding Me" by Chelsea Handler.

We went back to our room for our very own "Happy Hour" and enjoyed drinks on our balcony as we people watched.  We watched the sky as the sun set around 6:20 PM.  Although we didn't have a direct view, it was still pretty.

After we showered and got dress, we walked over to Mahek Indian restaurant for dinner.  We ordered a round of drinks that was pretty disappointing. Everything is measured so when it arrived at our table, it looked pretty pathetic.  The server brought over complimentary papadum and a trio of chutneys.

There was a set menu for one that included an appetizer, bread, biryani, curry and dessert.  The price seemed like it was for two people but it was only for one.  We went with it anyway and ordered an extra appetizer of fried fish fingers.

The meal was OK and the service was average.  It costs a little more than $50 USD for 2 sad drinks and little food.  Again, EVERYTHING is expensive in Seychelles!

After dinner, we walked barefoot along the beach before heading back to our room. It was a good day!