Sunday, March 29, 2015

Rest and Relaxation at AVANI Seychelles

It is quite a change from going from "Backpacking" and always having to catch a ferry or bus to doing absolutely NOTHING and I loved it.  Today, we completely chilled out and slept most of the day.  I'm quite the anxious person, so it already takes me 3-4 days to get completely relaxed into vacation mode.

I spent part of my morning poolside, updating the blog.  It's actual peaceful and nice by the pool when no one is around. It is calming to hear the birds chirping and feel the ocean breeze while sitting by the pool in the cabana.  I don't feel like its a burden at all to blog.  To others, I probably look like a crazy woman working on vacation but I actually enjoy it.

Breakfast was quite the change from Savoy.  I loved the sliding glass doors for the onsite Element restaurant.  The Mo joked that it felt like we were on a reality cooking TV show.

There were the usual made to order egg station, waffle/pancake station, pastries, cold cuts and cheese, fresh fruit, yogurt and a small offering of hot food selections.

I loved that the fresh fruit had salt and chili pepper to go along with it!

I went with the made to order pancakes and topped it off with dried mango and banana.  It was good. I absolutely LOVED the fresh yogurt with passion fruit! It was the best yogurt I've ever had!

Guest could choose the option of dining on the patio by the ocean, we opted for the oceanview inside the restaurant where there was AC.  I get hot easily and in Seychelles, it's already 80 degrees at 9 in the morning!

We spent the rest of the day sleeping by the beach. I think I napped 4 hours straight listening to the waves hit the shore. I woke up with minor sun burn on my legs.  We didn't even get dressed to go to dinner. The relaxed mode continued through the night.