Sunday, March 8, 2015

35 cents wings and comfort food at Stelio' s in Billerca


Anyone who drive's on 3A can easily recognize this Billerica landmark on Boston Road.

Stelios's Restaurant
via Stelio's website
The restaurant itself is not welcoming. It looks like a hole in the wall type of joint from the outside. The interior of the restaurant is a bit dated and the vibe is almost like a cult; warm and friendly for the regulars but cold and standoffish for the newcomers.

The Mo and I have actually been here a few times before. We LOVE the food and the portion but we can't say the same about the service.

We headed there on a Sunday night with the bro in law and his GF.  The bar seamed more casual so we opted to sit there. The owner/manager brought us menus and I tried to make small talk. He didn't seem interested.  The server/bartender came by to tell us about the 35 cent wing special and took our drink orders.  I went with a half carafe of house red wine for $9.95 (what a steal!) and the boys went with the house draft beer, (20 oz for a little more than 3 bucks!)

At 35 cents each, we had to try some of the wings! The options were plain, buffalo and terriyaki so we got half a dozen of the buffalo and terriyaki.  The server made a mistake and had to take back the naked wings and transform them into the Asian inspired wings. She said they were the "best" ones!

Stelio's Weekend Wings Specials  .35 cents (Buffalo)

Stelio's Wings Specials Terriyaki 
We also split a Fisherman's platter sans the actual fish for an appetizer.  There were generous servings of whole clam bellies, clams, scallops, shrimps. fries and a few onions rings.  I wish more tarter sauce was served but we settled for the 4 tiny paper cups that came with the entree.

Stelio's Fisherman Platter $ 19.95
We were almost full from the colossal seafood platter and wings but we ordered a few entrees instead.  Even though it was only 6:30 PM, we missed the prime rib.  It was SOLD OUT! The server mentioned that it's a very popular item and sells out QUICK.  Our loss. We've had it before and it really is delicious.

There was so many items to choose from the menu we didn't know what to do.  There were Italian and Mediterranean specialties, grilled foods, comfort foods, seafood and burgers and sandwiches. Although I really wanted the lamb lollipops, we went with the full rack of ribs, lobster pie and moussaka.  Most of the entrees came with 2 sides and a salad.

Stelio's Greek Side Salad

For sides, there were sweet potatoes, fries, corn, squash and mashed potatoes but I think they forgot our mashed potatoes.  The corn was super bland not sweet/

The ribs were extremely tender and the BBQ sauce had the perfect balance of sweet and tangy.

BBQ baked ribs $14.95

The moussaka wasn't as fresh and tasty as I remembered it.  It was like a pre-made refrigerated piece that was reheated.  The Bechamel sauce wasn't as gooey as anticipated.  I was a bit disappointed.

Stelio's Greek Mousaka $ 12.95
Since we couldn't get the prime rib, we split the lobster pie.  There were large chunks of lobster claw meat soaked in butter and topped with crumbs.  We had to ask for the rolls and I made mini lobster rolls with the lobster chunks.

Stelio's Lobster Pie $ 19.95

The food was really good and we were totally stuffed. We'd definitely come back for the food.  Can't say much about the service.  I thought it was weird that they kept making us hold on to our dirty forks and knives.. like why can't you just get us new ones?? Also, the server blatantly looked at our signed credit card slip while we were still sitting at the table. Can you say weird? Luckily we left a 20% TIP.

The total was $100.00 for

  •  6 pics wings buffalo
  • 6 pcs wings terriyaki
  • wine half carafe
  • 3 (20) oz draft beers
  • soda
  • fishmen's platter entree
  • whole rack of rib platter entree
  • 2 side salads
  • mousaka entree
  • lobster pie entree
  • tax
I thought it was a great deal! 

  1. Address: 293 Boston Rd, North Billerica, MA 01862