Friday, November 28, 2014

Rumbaba Sailboat charter in St. Thomas

After reading numerous reviews and going back and forth with many business owners, my friends and I chose Rumbaba for snorkeling adventure in St.Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.  The staff was quick to respond to my inquiries and seemed pretty laid back, they didn't even ask for a deposit.

We went with the half day 4 hr snorkeling tour that included unlimited Caribbean cocktails, a few places to snorkel as well as appetizers.  I was sold at UNLIMITED COCKTAILS.
I also liked that the sail was limited to only 6 people, so that was PERFECT for our group of 6.  We'd have the boat to ourselves and not have to wait on others and be at our own leisure.

I kept checking the weather the days before the sail and it kept saying 50-80% of rain.  I emailed the company to check out their cancellation policy and they assured me that it was normal to see that and if it rained, it would go away quickly.  They were right!

Our email confirmation advised us to meet at the American Yacht Harbor in Red Hook, which was about a 20 minute drive from our cruise dock in Charlotte Amalie. The taxi fare was on the steeper side and we each paid about $20.00 round trip.  We arrived at the pier and it was sunny, no rain!

Captain Chad met us at the pier and we took a dingy over to the sail boat, Rumbaba in small groups of 3's.

The boat was spacious, comfortable and CLEAN! We took off our flip flops and walked around barefoot.  It was nice that we were able to store our things in the deck below so it wouldn't risk falling into the Caribbean.

We met Melissa, the 2nd mate/deck hand/cocktail server  who recently bought and became the owner of the sail boat. She was very helpful putting away our belongings and helping us retrieve them from the deck below. Melissa also was the one who made our delicious cocktails and served our appetizers.  She was amazing!!  Soon enough (if not already) she will be the one steering the boat as the main captain.

Shortly after we boarded the boat and got settled, we were off.  We used the motor to get out of the marina and the sails were put up once we got further into the ocean.

Our group lathered on the sun screen and found a comfortable spot on the boat.

While most of our group hung out in the covered area, I went straight for the front of the boat.

Not long after, Melissa hooked us up with some awesome drinks.  Choices were Rum Runner, Pina Colada, Margarita, Pain Killers and Bloody Mary's.  I think I tried them all!

Our first stop was the Lovango/Congo cut, the cut between Lovango and Congo Bay.  Lovango Bay is a privately owned island in the U.S. Virgin Islands and is located between St.John and St. Thomas. We were lucky we were able to get there because our captain advised us that sailing conditions aren't always ideal to get there.

We were fitted for our snorkeling gear and was swimming int the Caribbean in no time.

The water was really clear and it was easy to see the small fishes.  After a good minutes, we boarded the boat to our next location. On the way there, the Mo and I took advantage of the unlimited cocktails. We were drinking for our fellow shipmates.

Once we anchored, Thai dove into the sea.  We snorkeled some more.  This area had more fishes.

Once we returned to the boat, we were welcomed with a nice platter of fruit, shrimp, veggies, pita chips and a delicious crab dip.

The trip back to the pier was scenic and relaxing.

Some of us napped.

Some of us drank.

Some of us did both.

It was so much fun and I'd recommend Rumbaba Charter to everyone.  Staff was friendly and the trip was memorable.  If I'm ever back in St.Thomas, I'd definitely return.  We were sad to depart the boat and take the dingy back to the pier. Also, I was pretty shitfaced by then after all those drinks. Thanks Melissa and Chad!

Here's a chart of our sail that was provided after our trip by Captain Melissa.

After we arrived in Charlotte Amalie, we did a little window shopping at Louis Vuitton and a few other stores.

It was past lunch time so we stopped in at a Chinese restaurant for some authentic Asian food before getting back on the Celebrity Summit.

USCG Master Captain Chad Huffman
340-690-1659    or

Mail or Drive To:  American Yacht Harbor - S/V Rumbaba  - Dock "B"           
6100 Red Hook Qtrs. #2
St. Thomas, U.S.V.I. 00802