Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bebo's BBQ chicken and ribs in Isla Verde Carolina Puerto Rico

I remembered about this place after a fellow FB friend posted a picture of her and her friends at this hole in the wall joint in Isla Verde Puerto Rico.  I'm still overwhelmed with completing all my posts from Nov vacation that the blog posts are slowly making its way to the live version. I wish we had free internet on the cruise!

Anyhow, after a night of trying our luck at the Ritz Carlton San Juan casino, my friends and I jumped into a rental car and followed Google Maps and headed towards Bebo's BBQ in the Carolina area for some late night grub.  When we arrived, there was a short line that seemed to take forever to move.

We finally made it to the display of barbecued meats showcased through the greasy clear glass.  There was chicken, ribs, slow roasted pork, different stuffed sausage, tripe stew, plantain and yucca root vegetables.

It was a bit difficult placing our order, we had to point to the dish and explain how many lbs or kilos we wanted.  Luckily the person infront of us spoke English and I was grateful that he helped translate for us.  So much for Spanish II honors.

I've read the yelp reviews  and it seemed like the ribs was the staple item.  My friends were a bit daring and got the blood sausage and tripe stew.  The Mo and I were a bit boring and got the chicken, ribs, plantains, yucca and smoked pork.  All that for $17.00!

There were dining tables for us to use but we took our food to go and ate at the condo instead where we could wash it down with sangria and Dewars.

Some things tasted better than others, my favorite was the pernil pork and ribs of course!  Both were moist, tender and FLAVORFUL! Usually I like yucca, but the side dish from Bebo's was too mushy for my preference.  I didn't have the stomach to try the tripe or the sausage but my friends thought it was OK.

Bebo's BBQ in Carolina is a bit out of the way for most tourists, but if you have a car or are willing to shell out a few bucks for a cab ride, then I'd recommend it. It's also on the way to the airport from Old San Juan and Condado so if you want to grab food before or after a flight, stop by for some yummy Puerto Rican barbecue.

  1. Bebo's BBQ
  2. Address: Los Angeles, 2352 Calle Celestial, Carolina, PR 00979