Sunday, November 16, 2014

Artisan Italian at the brand new Tuscan Kitchen in Burlington

Before Tuscan Kitchen opened, there wasn't much selection for Italian dining for business lunches in the Burlington area. L'Andana was only open for dinner, Macaroni Grill was more on the casual side so we were left with Papa Razzi's.  My office mates and I were stoked to hear about the highly anticipated Tuscan Kitchen opening in New England Executive Park.

We had people visiting from out of town and I picked the new venue to host our business dinner. Wendy, the Private Dining Manager was extremely helpful with helping us coordinate the event.  I liked that there were no room fees or minimum requirements although we did have to select from the pix fixe menu.

Our group started off the evening with the Salumi e Formaggi that stimulated everyone's taste buds. Each wood platter entailed perfectly cured prosciutto, sopresata, parmigiano cheese, creamy burrata and the truffle honey was the icing!  It was wonderful.

Tuscan Kitchen Salumi e Formaggi 
Everyone raved about the Polpettoni, Tuscan Kitchen's signature meatballs made with beef, veal and pork.  We had two Italian people at our table and they both agreed it was the best meatball they've had in their life.  The meatballs were a good size and one was perfect as a starter for each person.

Tuscan Kitchen "Polpettoni" meatballs 
I'm a huge fan of crostini's but I could have done without the squash appetizer.  The bread was on the stale side instead of the nice crisp that I prefer.

In between meals, we had a pasta middle course.  The bolognese was good but a little pricey at $ 8.00 per person.

Tuscan Kitchen homemade bolognese
For dinner, I prearranged for a fish, meat and chicken dish. For sides, we were served mashed potato and grilled asparagus.

Most of us got the chicken dish and enjoyed it very much.

Others got the seared tuna dish and said it was great.

My coworkers and I got the rack of lamb and it was AMAZING! The meat was flavorful, juicy and tender.  It was absolutely delicious.  

For dessert, we all split pieces of tiramisu, cheesecake, chocolate ganache and lemon cake.  They were all decadent and delicious.

Dessert Sampler

Dinner was great!  We went back for lunch the week after to check out their menu offerings.  Based on what I saw on their website, I was under the impression that it was limited to salads, paninis and pizza but the menu was quite extensive for lunch.  We split a mista salad with grilled chicken and the pollo rosemary chicken on ciabatta bread.

Tuscan Kitchen Mista Salad with Grilled Chicken Lunch

At lunch, we met the owner, Joe Faro. He was extremely nice and down to earth.  We learned that people gave him crap for choosing New England Executive Park for his restaurant location and told him it didn't make sense.  He had a vision and thought it was a perfect location.  I totally agree.  We also learned that there's going to be another addition opening in Boston....coming soon! Stay tuned!

If you want to check out the food but don 't want a fancy sit down, the cafe serves quick breakfast and lunches in the lobby.  For $ 10.50, you can get a panini and chips in less than 10 minutes.  I tried the Prima Pizza with prosciutto and fig and it was delicious! 

There's also a beautiful dessert display and mouthwatering Italian specialties that you can purchase for a meal in the comfort of your own home.

24 New England Executive Park, Burlington, MA 01803


Sun – Tue | 11am – 9pm

Wed – Sat | 11am – 10pm

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