Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Celebrity Cruise stop in Grenada

On Wednesday, our Celebrity Cruise docked in St. George's Grenada.  We took our time and enjoyed breakfast before getting off the Summit.  We walked up a steep hill to our first destination, Fort George, overlooking the bay.  It was a few bucks to get in and some effort but the view was worth it.

It was hot so we were quick to take pictures and escape the sweltering sun.

We walked down back down the hill through the back and almost got hit by a crazy ambulance. That was scary! We made our way towards Carenage, the inner harbor with beautiful buildings in the lively waterfront promenade.

We took a taxi to the beach (which we later found out overcharged us) and my mom was excited to see the sugar cane drinks and Thai was excited to see the snacks.

We walked to the beautiful Grand Anse Beach and rented a few chairs and umbrellas. We were on a quiet side of the beach and it felt like we had it to ourselves.

Mom listed to her Khmer songs as she laid on in the sun.

Fifi preferred a semi shaded area and read until she discovered WIFI on her iPhone.

Thai swam and nibbled on his Caribbean steamed chicken snack wrap.

and we took selfies....

on the beach

and in the water with my new GoPro Selfie stick

Good times in Grenada! I'd go back if I had the opportunity!
We took the water taxi back to our cruise dock from Grand Anse Beach, what a beautiful view!

Grenada - Water Taxi from Grand Anse Beach to Cruise Dock