Saturday, November 29, 2014

Awesome Segway Tour in Old San Juan Puerto Rico

The highlight of my trip in the Caribbean had to be the Segway Tour of Puerto Rico.  At first, I was a bit sticker shock at the price close to $100.00 USD for the 2 hour "Fortifications" Tour that included lessons, entrance fees, and a segway for each person.  The tour would take us through the places listed below historical landmarks in the Old San Juan area of Puerto Rico.

I tricked my 50+ year old mom into doing the tour. She thought we were going to drive around in a van, little did she know, she would be driving a Segway of her own.
The tour started with a short video featuring general instructions and safety precautions.  Our group consisted of only 7 people and a tour guide.  After the video completed, our guide took us out individually for quick lessons maneuvering through cones, going up and down hills, stopping and parking the segway.  I admit, I was nervous.  You're supposed to relax but I was a nervous wreck, thinking I was always going to fall forward.

My mom was voted the "leader" of the group, actually the guide assumed she was going to slow the group down.  Surprisingly, she was the BEST one out of the group. She was relaxed and in control the whole time.

I strapped on my GoPro and we were off! We rode on sidewalks and streets weaving through pedestrians and traffic.Occasionally, we made quick stops for photo opps and the tour narrating. The scenery was really beautiful.

My favorite part of the tour was the Sal Felippe del Morro Fort.  The landscape was picturesque and the skyline was breathtaking.  Our guide paid our entrance fees and we were able to walk around, purchase drinks, use bathroom facilities and he gave us a walking tour of the historical landmark.  I also wiped out at the fort, it was quite embarrassing.

The tour was very informative. We learned how the Spanish military loaded their cannons through the small windows to protect their harbor.

Going up the hill on the Segway was fine, but going back down hill proved to be difficult. I didn't want to lean too hard in fear that I would topple over.  One of the ladies in our group actually fell down the cobblestone hill.  We made a few other stops on the way back.

Address: Muelle 2 #4, Pso Gilberto ConcepciĆ³n De Gracia, San Juan, 00916, Puerto Rico

What a fun filled day! The tour was worth it and we had so much fun! It was definitely a great experience.  We headed over to a restaurant nearby, La Cueva del mar  for lunch and was able to keep our luggage at the Segway office. The fish tacos was delicious!

  1. La Cueva del Mar
  2. Address: Puerto Rico 19, San Juan, 00920, Puerto Rico