Thursday, April 30, 2015

28 Days of Salads: Southwest Steak Salad

Salad # 2 : Southwest Steak Salad

So I've eaten the Asian chicken salad for the past couple of days and it's time to change it up. This salad is a "Southwest" salad with grilled steak tips. Again, probably not your healthiest option (it's a 16 WW point salad) but still tasty and better than a greasy pizza or cheese steak sub.

Grocery List:

  • Mixed greens or romaine lettuce
  • Green Giant Southwest corn blend
  • marinated steak tips or plain steak tips and marinate it yourself 
  • Fresh avocado or premade guacamole
  • any tomato
  • tortilla strips salad toppings
  • Dressing of your choice ( If using guacamole, I don't add additional dressing)
  • Optional cilantro, scallions or pickled jalapenos
  • Optional: Any cheese of your choice

There are lots of variations to this salad but I took the easy way out. Instead of grilling the corn and slicing up the peppers and onion, I bought the canned version for a buck! Each can is about 3 servings.

I also spoiled myself and paid a few extra bucks for this tomato medley that included red, yellow and brown tomatoes.  Any tomato would do just as well.

Prep Work:
Marinate meat overnight. Grill it the next day. Slice it and weight it into 4 oz portions and store it.
For the corn blend, drain it and measure out 1/2 cup portions.

Assemble the salad at work and enjoy!  Throw on a few tablespoons of the tortilla strips to give it a nice crunch.

The salad is also great for group dining or gatherings. I made a large bowl a couple weeks back. Since it was over the weekend, I put in a little bit extra effort and grilled the fresh born and cut up some cilantro for garnish.

Total WW is 16. You can save calories and points by using less avacado, strips and putting in less steak.