Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wings & Nachos at Game On Fenway

We were heading to Fenway for a Red Sox game and wanted to grab a few drinks and a bite to eat before heading into the stadium where we'd pay premium pricing.

Game On is conveniently located right on Lansdowne street right by the gate we'd use to get to our seats.

Since it was close to the start of the game, the restaurant was starting to clear out.  We scored a small table in the downstairs area near the ping pong lounge.  We ordered a round of drinks and my friend got the espresso martini. She said it was really good.

Being the huge hot dog fan that I am, I had to try the foot long hot dog.

Game On Fenway Footlong Frank

Who doesn't love nachos? We ordered buffalo chicken nachos for the table.  They also get good reviews for their wings so we gave it a try.

Nachos with buffalo chicken $16.00
Small Buffalo wings $ 10.50
The food was average and nothing to write home about.  I would go there again if I was attending to a Red Sox game but I don't know if I'd visit the restaurant just for drinks or food alone.  Prices were reasonable for the area.

It was a great night to watch a Red Sox game.