Saturday, April 11, 2015

Feng Shui lunch buffet in Chelmsford

Feng Shui operates 3 restaurants in Massachusetts, one in Chelmsford, one in Tyngsboro and another in Cohasset.  The restaurant boasts high end Asian cuisine featuring special maki rolls and Japanese hibachi teppanyaki style meals.  If one doesn't want to participate in the lively cooking show, there's an extensive menu with Japanese and Chinese offerings.

We visited the Chelmsford location today for their weekend lunch buffet.  Price was reasonable, less $15.00 per person.  We got there right when it opened at 11:30 AM and the workers were still setting up the buffet.

Our server came to get our drink order and asked if we wanted soup.  The options were miso, hot and sour and wonton.  There was no egg drop so I went with the wonton. It was actually pretty good.

For the buffet, there were 7 types of maki rolls and 3 types of sushi on rice.

Feng Shui Chelmsford Lunch buffet

I was surprised to see the dim sum offerings in the steel steaming trays.  There were chicken feet, tripe, wontons, shumai, sticky rice and shrimp dumplings.

I turned around and there was additional selection of Chinese delicacies that included pig's ear and ox tail.  The restaurant does cater towards the Asian community with these offerings.

To cater towards the western clientele, there was the typical American Chinese food that included wings, terriyaki, boneless spareribs, eggrolls, crab rangoons, lo mein, general gau chicken, etc.

My favorite entrees was the fried fish in sauce, braised pork belly and stuffed mussels.

For dessert, the ice cream choices for the day was black raspberry and maple walnut. I was a bit disappointed that there was no green tea, coconut or red bean.  There wwere also small cakes and fresh fruit and fried Chinese red bean balls.

Service was extremely friendly and quick. It didn't feel like the typical Chinese buffet where the servers are rushed, annoyed and overworked.

I'd definitely recommend this place and I'd go back!

  1. Address: 285 Chelmsford St, Chelmsford, MA 01824

We also tried the Tyngsboro location and its much smaller than Chelmsford.  The food was just OK.

Feng Shu Tyngsboro Eel/Shrimp Special Roll
Seaweed Salad
Feng Shu White Fish Maki Roll
Soft Shell Crab
Crispy Duck