Sunday, April 26, 2015

A Dr.Seuss shower for Baby Owens

It's pretty well known that my friend Amsi, is a HUGE fan of Dr.Seuss.  What better way to welcome her baby boy with a Dr.Seuss themed baby shower!

The shower was hosted by Amsi's gracious family and held at Kate's beautiful home.

There were Dr.Seuess books places throughout Kate's home bringing back memories from my childhood.  There was also a cool candy bar with some of my favorite candies, skittles and Swedish fish!

In the living room, the fireplace was strung with cute baby boys clothes. I loved the hats and cardigans.

I spotted the mimosa bar in the beautiful enclosed porch.  I love Sunday brunches with booze!  The hostesses were thoughtful and had sparking cider in garnished champagne flutes for the many pregnant guests so they would also feel included in the festivities.

There was also "Pink Ink" sherbet punch that was a huge hit.

Guests took part in the competitive baby shower activities.  As each guest arrived, they were given a baby blue pin and instructed to not say the word "baby", if they slipped and another guest heard, she was able to claim the blue pin.  Clearly, Shannon was the winner by the end of the shower.

There was a beautiful Dr.Seuss diaper cake on display.  The ladies had to guess how many diapers it took to create the cake.  I was waaaay off!

For a less competitive activity, the ladies were asked to write wishes for Baby Owens.

Brunch was a delicious spread of ham, eggs, potatoes, finger sandwiches, fruit salad, egg rolls and pasta salad. I've never had pineapple stuffing before but it was amazing and I will definitely make it in the future!

For dessert, Kate did not disappoint and got the Dr.Seuss themed cake from Debbie's in Nashua.

After the meal, the ladies headed into the living room to open up gifts.

The first gift Amsi opened was very emotional.  It was from Kate's good friend.  The gift was lose beads and a framed message with instructions.  The beads were to be passed around and each guest would take a bead, make a wish for Amsi, Tim and the baby and the beads would be strung into a bracelet for Amsi to have with her when she would be at the hospital giving birth so that all her close family and friends would be there with her in spirit.  I thought that was so touching.

Baby Owens was gifted with an array of fan gear, pass time activities, baby necessities and a stylin' wardrobe.

For the baby shower favor, guests were given Dr.Seuss Cat in the Hat sugar cookies that were individually wrapped.  They were so adorable!

What a beautiful Sunday to be among friends celebrating the expecting arrival of Baby Owens! I can't wait to meet him!