Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Party At Tuscan Kitchen in Burlington

Every year I scope out nearby venues for our annual corporate holiday party.  With so many new restaurants opening in Burlington, it was a tough choice.  Previously we've had our parties at Ristorante Fiore in the North End, the former Beacon Grille (now Strega Prime) and Seasons 52 just last year.

We had a trial run at Tuscan Kitchen  at a small business dinner and everyone thought the food was exceptional.  I decided to go ahead and book our party with Wendy Feener, the events coordinator who was helpful in choosing our banquet menu.  We booked the Sicilia room which boasted a fireplace, LCD Screen and an a separate entrance to the outdoor patio (for the warmer months.)

Sicilia Room at Tuscan Kitchen Burlington
image via Tuscanbrands
For cocktail hour, we made the other guests jealous when the servers brought out our raw bar with oysters on the half shell and colossal shrimp cocktail. We also had our own bar where the booze was flowing freely.  That's one of the best things about our parties, it's always an OPEN BAR!  I overheard someone say, "I wish I was at that party!"

Tuscan Kitchen Burlington
Oysters and Shrimp

Next to the seafood, there was a platter of "Salumi e Formaggi" which is described as a grand tasting of Artisan Cured meat and specialty cheeses that include proscuitto di parma, sopresata, parigiano reggiano, burrata and truffle honey.  There was also a variety of "assaggi" roasted vegetables with olive oil.

Tuscan Kitchen Burlington Proscuitto di Parma

There was a chafing dish filled with delicious "Polpettoni" meatballs made from a specialty blend of veal, beef and pork.

Tuscan Kitchen Burlington Polpettoni

On a different table, there was an assortment of flat bread pizza.  There were some margherita pizza, pollo, polpettoni and my favorite, fig and prosciutto.

Tuscan Kitchen Burlington Pizza
Everyone LOVED the passed lamp lollipops.  They were plump and juicy and full of flavorful.

Most of us were already stuffed from cocktail hour but we still made room for our dinner buffet. Originally, I wanted a plated dinner but I thought the buffet would give people more opportunities to try the different dishes.

Warm freshly baked bread was served at our table.

On the dinner buffet menu, there were salad, bolognese, potato gnocchi, filet, seared chicken and roasted asparagus and potatoes.

Roasted Vegetables

Potato Gnocchi


Filet Mignon
Dinner was great. A celebrity even came by to visit! Dessert was an assortment of small individual size cheesecakes, tiramisu and chocolate cake.

The owner Joe Faro is so sweet and nice and did I mention, GOOD LOOKING??

Happy Holidays from Omnilite!