Thursday, December 4, 2014

Business Dinner at Strega Waterfront Boston

I went here for a business dinner with a group of 10.  We started off with drinks at the bar.  All the bartenders and cocktail waitresses are beautiful and friendly.  Their uniform consisted of heels and black mini skirts.  Throughout the bar area, there were complimentary passed Hors d'oeuvres that included shrimp cocktail, scallops and bruschetta.  All were very good.

We were promptly seated for our reservation.  There were a few other parties going on at the restaurant and space is tight.  The coat check was located in an odd area in a makeshift rack by the bathrooms. It was a bit difficult maneuvering through the patrons of the party that spilled out from their private room into the main dining area.

Service was great!  We knew our server from another steakhouse as well as Fiore in the north end.  He was wonderful and eager to please.  The wine kept flowing and he made sure not one wine glass was every empty.  I loved it!

The fried seafood and balsamic appetizer was great.  I didn't see any scallops but the calamari and baby shrimp was plentiful.  The burrata  (fresh buffalo mozzarella) was creamy and delicious.  Everyone was a fan of the Rosetta's famous meatballs.  Each meatball was HUGE and could be cut up into 5-6 pieces to share.  It was tender and moist.  The rollantini di nico was also very good.  I was disappointed that we only got one order for a table of 10 but the morsel I had was great!

Veal "Salmtimbocca" $32.00

For dinner, I tried the rib eye and filet bolognese.  The rib eye was perfect but I have to admit I was expecting spaghetti pasta for the bolognese.  It was good but not what I expected.

Chef Salvatore special Filet Bolognese and Rib eye steak
The table split a few orders of delicious gnocchi, potato pasta.  Others at the table got the lamb chop and veal "Satimbocca".  Both enjoyed their meal.

Cast Iron Roasted Lamb Chop $ 44.00

I tried a bite of my friend's braised short ribs and it was tender and flavorful.

Braised Short Rob $ 39.00
For dessert, we split a cheesecake, chocolate cake and a canolli along with some chocolate gelato.  All were great but nothing to write home about.  They were comparable to other desserts in other restaurants of its stature but nothing left me mesmerized.

Dessert: Chocolate Cake
I would come here again for a special occasion or for a business dinner.  It's a bit on the pricey side for just a regular date night after all the drinks and food are said and done.  Parking is a bit tough and we had to valet our car.

One Marina Park Drive (56 Northern Ave.)
Boston, MA 
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