Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sesame ginger salmon kale wrap

It's the AFC championship and I'm home on a Sunday afternoon prepping my meals for the week.  I would love to be at Garcia Brogran's pigging out on 25 cent wings and washing it down with $2.00 draft beers
or at a friend's house munching on pizza, dips and nachos, but I'm not.

It doesn't help that my sister is at my favorite pancake house, Chip's Family Restaurant in Orange, CT and is sending me picture texts of her meal. (That's our relationship, we can go weeks without talking but we will still exchange food picture texts in the interim) Priorities

I don't want to pity myself but make the best out of it and whip up something tasty for the game.  I had some leftover kale from prepping my meals for the week and didn't want it to go to waste.  I had some frozen endamame and frozen Market basket salmon.  Yeah, you're probably like, "Yuck, frozen fish!"  I've bought too many fresh fish for it to be wasted because I've either changed my mind about cooking it or I forgot about it.  The frozen package is convenient because I always have it in the freezer and its portioned to approximately 4 oz individual wraps.

Sesame Ginger Salmon Kale and Apple Wrap:        490 calories / 35 carbs
Sesame Ginger Salmon Kale and Apple Salad:        400 calories / 49 carbs
(Based on myfitnesspal calculations)

4 oz salmon (frozen or fresh)
2 tablespoons of Ken's No Sodium Sesame Ginger Marinade & Sauce
1 tablespoon of terriyaki sauce
1/4 cup of frozen endamame
1/2 cup of fresh kale
olive oil
1 Joseph's garlic and herb flat bread

2 tablespoons of finely diced gala apple
1 tablespoon of honey roasted almond slices salad toppers
2 tablespoon of Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus


Turn the stovetop to medium-high heat

Sparingly grease a frying pan with olive oil

Sear the salmon on each side until nice and crisp.  Add the terriyaki sauce to the pan.

Rinse the frozen endamame under hot water until it is no longer frozen or microwave it in water

Toss the kale, endamame, apple, and almonds in a bowl with Ken's no sodium sesame ginger sauce.

Lay the flat bread on a plate, spread hummus on the bottom of the flat bread. (Note, the hummus is optional but I love the creaminess and the kick that it gives)

Add the kale mixture on the bottom of the flat bread.  Break the salmon into 2 pieces and place it on the kale.

Roll the flat bread slowly and tightly.  Cut diagonal and serve.

Also, if you want to do less carbs, this dish is also perfect as a salad without the flatbread