Saturday, January 11, 2014

All you can eat Sushi Dinner at Foody Goody

This past Friday, a group of 8 friends and I headed to Foody Goody to try their dinner all you can eat menu for $ 19.99.  The restaurant was busy with another large party and other tables of two.

We started with some miso and hot and sour soup as well as seaweed salad.  I was under the impression that
the Chinese kitchen menu would be the same quantities as the Mo and I had before (a couple pieces per an order.)  I was wrong, they brought out huge plates of chicken wings, chicken terriyaki, fried shrimp and crab rangoon.  Needless to say, we were pretty stuffed before our sushi came.

In between dishes, we took shots of Sake.  We killed 2 large bottles.  Price wasn't bad at $39.00 a bottle for the large and $25.00 for the smaller size.

This time around, the maki rolls left much to be desired.  The Dragon Roll lacked eel, it was mostly avocado and the soft shell crab within the Spider Roll had more batter than crab.

Although the salmon and tuna sashimi was fresh, each guest was limited to only 8 pieces and they were thin cut slices.

We were so stuffed and worried that we had to pay the difference for the leftover food that we kept cancelling the kitchen dishes like the sesame chicken and Phad thai.

Overall, it wasn't as great as our lunch experience  but it was great to try their dinner menu.