Thursday, January 30, 2014

Corporate Dinner at Bamboo Fine Asian Cuisine and Sushi Bar

Tonight we had a work event for 30 people at Bamboo in Dedham.  Typically, we are regulars at P.F. Chang's for our work events but it was difficult to organize an event with that many people. I suspected it might be hard for people to converse with one another in an open restaurant.  I called Bamboo and they offered us a semi private room for our party.  It worked out great!

At first, I had some communications problems as
I was speaking with different people on the phone.  Once I got their email, I spoke with May and she took care of me from there.

I ore-ordered a variety of appetizers for the cocktail hour, keeping in mind of people's allergies and preferences.

There was a side table set up with bottles of chilled white wine in the buckets and Cabernet Sauvignon on the wine stand. Guests were able to pour their own wine or order beers or mai thais off the menu.

The staff set up a beautifully presented table with sushi boats, fried calamari, moo shu rolls, duck along with other Chinese staples like chicken wings, beef terriyaki, crab rangoons.

The fried calamari was perfectly seasoned and crispy.

The Beijing duck rolls with hoison sauce were my absolute favorite.

The minced chicken with pine nuts were also delicious.

Everyone raved about the fresh sushi maki rolls; Spider, California, Alaskan, Sweet potato, Spicy Tuna, Caterpillar, Shrimp Tempura just to name a few.

By the time dinner was seated, I was so busy running around that I forgot to take pictures of the delicious dinner.  All the guests praised the food selections and thought everything tasted great and well plated.

Dinner was served family style with two tables of 15 people.  I ordered 4 orders of every entree that included Shanghai Pan Fried Noodles, General Gau Chicken, Crispy beef with Sesame, Kung Pao Shrimp with peanuts, Hunan Spicy beef and Sauteed chicken with vegetables for the folks watching their waistline.

I was a bit apprehensive when the bill arrived but to my surprise, it came out to around $1500.00 which is a little more than $50.00 per person, not bad since it was open bar, included appetizers and sushi and a 6 course meal with rice.

May was generous and ended our meal with complimentary fresh fruit.  That was a nice touch. Everyone was too stuffed for a rich dessert.  We took home BAGS of leftovers.  The Mo will be a happy camper tomorrow night.

We will definitely be back.  Service was impeccable, fast and efficient.

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