Monday, July 20, 2015

b.good watermelon and feta salad

Salad 8: b.good watermelon & feta salad 

b.good enticed me with their promotion email, order one of their "summertime specials" and get a free blueberry smoothie added to your account for free. I was sold at free!  

I actually love watermelon and I love watermelon salad. Typically, the version I make, consists of only watermelon, feta and mint.

Mami-Eggroll "Backyard BBQ for Two"

b.good's version was a bit different. The base was uncooked collard greens (I've only had the bitter greens cooked) and it also had quinoa, mint AND BLACK EYED PEAS.  It was like a southern version of the watermelon feta salad that I was used to.  I opted against extra protein (chicken or tofu) and the salad still set me back $ 7.99 ($8.55 after tax.)

There were 2 large chunks of fresh, sweet and juicy watermelon with 2 large pieces of feta.  I felt a bit guilty eating both pieces of cheese.  The sweetness of the fruit and the salty flavors from the cheese contrasted perfectly.  To my surprise, the collard greens wasn't bitter at all.  The vinaigrette dressing help soften the texture and made it easier to chew on.

I tried to look up the nutritional information but since it is a "special" and not featured on the regular menu, it was not available.

I'm thinking with the pink vinaigrette dressing and huge chunks of feta, it's anywhere between 700-1000 calories.

I'd definitely get it again (or try to make my own version!)