Friday, July 24, 2015

HOLI: A Festival of Flavors!

This new Indian restaurant just recently opened its doors a few months back in March.  The Mo actually told me about this place after driving past it on his daily commute.  The restaurant is located on North Road in Bedford, next door to the Bedford Farms ice cream shop.  The exterior of the restaurant is bright and colorful, not to be missed.

We had a lunch date last week to try out the buffet.  Although he's frequented the restaurant, it was my first visit.  The dining room was clean, new with a modern touch.  The buffet set up was tucked in the corner with easy access and lots of natural lighting which added appeal to the lunch offering.

I didn't realize drinks were included in the buffet price so I ordered a mango lassi.  That shit costs almost as half as the buffet itself.  ($5.00 for a glass whereas the buffet was $ 12.00)  The compliment drinks included soda, freshly squeezed lemonade, masala chai and a few other tea offerings.

Our server came by with water and asked us for our naan selection.  We went with the garlic.  This was my 2nd time at an Indian buffet where the naan was served table side and I got a choice between regular and garlic.  The other restaurant being, Zaika in Woburn.

There was the typical bar full of traditional Indian accompaniments that included various chutneys, salad fixin's, raita, lemon wedges, fresh chili pepper, etc.

The buffet line started to form so I just sat around and drank my lassi until it died down.

I headed straight for the appetizers.  There were huge vegetarian samosas and fried battered vegetables.  I couldn't make out what each piece was so I just grabbed a few and hoped for the best.  My favorite are the onions and sweet potato.

For the carnivores, there was a good selection of dishes.  Typical entrees included chicken tiki masala and tandoori chicken.  I've never seen the kofte meatball at a buffet before.  The dish was OK, reminded me of Turkish food.

Chicken Tiki masala

Fish pakora

Chicken meatball in Sauce

Tandoori Chicken

For those who are vegetarians, there was just as much (if not more) options.  Of course there was plain basmati rice to accompany all the dishes as well.  Not to mention all the apps were vegetarian.

Mixed Grilled Vegetables

Vegetable Korma and Cheese masala
I couldn't fit dessert was there was a super sticky and sweet dessert along with some fresh fruit.

Knowing that the drinks are included in the price, I'd go back again.  It's a bit far from my work (18 mins without traffic) so it's tough for me to get over there, enjoy my meal and drive back without rushing.

I know this is an Indian restaurant but most of the other Indian establishments serve one or two Indo Chinese dishes like chili chicken or gobi Manchurian, I only wished they served one as well.  Also, there was no table side dosas being served.  I would have enjoyed that very much.

Anyhow, can't beat the $12.00 price with the drinks!

  1. Address: 20 North Rd, Bedford, MA 01730