Thursday, August 14, 2014

Besito Mexican Restaurant - Part "Dos"

My coworkers and I anxiously awaited the opening of Besito Mexican Restaurant at the Burlington mall.  It was probably not the best idea that we went for lunch on the 2nd day the restaurant opened.  Our lunch took over an hour to prepare and we basically had to eat soggy tacos at our cube.

(What's really important to note is that the management team took really good care of us. The manager comped our meal that day and even gave us a $ 50.00 gift certificate.)  They didn't have to do that. It was really nice of them but I know that they also want to make a good impression.

Although the restaurant is located at the mall, the storefront of Besito stands out.  It's modern, elegant and beautiful.

 Once inside, the hostess greets you in Spanish.  Actually, that only happened on the first visit.  On the 2nd visit, I jokingly asked the hostess "awww, No Spanish today?" and she responded, "It's too early for that."  Haha!

The romantic rustic charm follows into the restaurant with bronze chandeliers, 3D wall art displays and antique pedants over the bar area.

We were quickly seated and brought over warm chips and salsa.

The dining room had a nice rustic charm with booths and table seating.  Even though is was grand opening week, there were many patrons at lunch time.

I ordered the Passion fruit iced tea, which was served in a rustic patron bottle. I thought that was pretty cool!  The unsweetened tea was delicious and served with agave on the side.  I loved that I was able to keep refilling it.

Passion Fruit Iced Tea $ 5.00
On both visits, we ordered the table-side guacamole.  Although Besito has probably been doing it for years now, it's becoming the new trend. Even Chili's Bar and Grill is getting in on the band wagon.  On our first visit, I thought the guoc was a bit on the bland side but on the 2nd visit it was PERFECT! I guess it's one of those things that varies from server to server.  It was cool watching both ladies make it. Of course, I asked for extra cilantro!

Besito Burlington Table Side Guacamole 
We ordered off the Lunch Special Menu  which had a good variety of taquitos, ensaladas (salads), quesadillas and tacos at great prices.  All lunches are served with shared black beans and rice.

I absolutely LOVE fish tacos so I went with the Pescado dish tacos on soft corn tortillas.  At first I was a bit confused because it's called a "Taquitos" on the menu and I associate taquitos with the rolled up and deep fried Mexican appetizer sold in the frozen section at your local Costco's or BJ's.

There was ample fish on the tacos and it was crispy and battered beautifully.  Fish Tacos is one of those dishes that can either be delicious or it can be gross and come out soggy and "fishy."

Besito Pescado Taquitos $ 11.95

My friend got the same thing but in the Pollo, adobo chicken version with chipotle cream and queso fresco.

Besito Pollo Taquitos $ 11.95
Both dishes were excellent but we could not finish it.  At the end of our meal we were brought churros, which is like a Spanish version of fried dough that is sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon.

We also received a trinket to put under our pillow and it would make our worries go away.
Besito Churro
I LOVE dining joints that gives out complimentary stuff! You had me at the chips and salsa and now churros? Mostly importantly, the management team actually CARES! 

Although we didn't have a great experience on opening week, we will definitely be back.  I would love to try their margaritas during non work hours and also redo the short ribs (1st time) and not eat it from a "take-Out" container at my cube. 

The food and service is great and the ambiance is special. I would visit again with my husband, my friends and even for a quick lunch with the coworkers.
  1. Address: 75 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA 01803 (Burlington Mall) 

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