Sunday, August 17, 2014

Anniversary Dinner at Gibbet Hill Grill in Groton

Oh my, how quick a year goes by! This time last year, the Mo and I were celebrating our matrimonial bliss with loves ones as we drank and danced the night away.

To celebrate our anniversary, the Mo and I made dinner plans to go to Gibbet Hill Grill, a "Farm to Fork" fine dining establishment in Groton, MA.  A few months ago, we received a very generous gift certificate from the Broads who also live in the area and recommended the unique dining venue.

The parking lot was completely full for a Sunday night. There was a wedding at the Barn at Gibbet Hill which sits next door.

Although the restaurant was busy for a Sunday night, the wait was a mere 15-20 minutes for a table of two. The bar area was extremely packed so we opted to sit outside and take in the nice farm scenery. Unfortunately for us, the cows were not present and they were hiding.

Once we were inside, we were sat in the middle of the restaurant where we had a view of the open kitchen.
The restaurant has a nice rustic charm with blue and white gingham clothes on the tables and high wood ceilings like as if we were in an actual barn.

Our server brought out a warm bread basket with fresh corn bread and sour dough.  She took the time to explain the menu and the concept of the restaurant.  She was very thorough and knowledgeable.

Gibbet Hill Bread Baset with corn bread and Sour Dough
We started off with some drinks followed by a bottle of Pino Grigio. Even the wine was served in a cool rustic cedar ice bucket!

For starters, we shared the Seared Tuna with cabbage, peppers and picked ginger vinaigrette.  The sushi grade tuna was very good and the coarse black pepper was a nice touch.

Gibbet Hill Grill Seared Tuna $ 15.00
Our server suggested Cindy's Crab Dip and basically told us if we like crab, we NEED to try it.  The dish came out bubbling and hot and loaded with real chunks of lump crab meat. I could have eaten it by the spoon full but I scooped it with the Pepperridge Farm entertainment crackers that it was served with.

Cindy's Crab Dip $ 12.00
For dinner we split the 20 oz Bone-In Rib Eye that came with two farm sides. We went with the Mac & Cheese and Onion Rings.  The steak was absolutely delicious and cooked perfectly.  No sauce required.

Gibbet Hill Bone In Rib Eye $ 36.00
Side of Mac and Cheese with Cheddar and Chives
Side of Onion Rings
We tried to order the Crispy Potato Crusted Haddock with sweet corn and bacon chowder but the dish wasn't available until a large party  upstairs placed their order.  That was a bit of an inconvenience.

That was probably should have been a sign and we probably should have stopped there but the server also recommended the Duck Breast.  The dish was served with beet risotto and Gibbet Hill Honey.  Although I really liked the duck, I wasn't a fan of the risotto.

Gibbet Hill Grille Duck Breast $ 28.00
While we were dining, it seemed like EVERYONE was getting the Milk and Cookies for dessert. We were totally stuffed but we had to try it. Today's cookies were Chocolate Chip and "Creamsicle."  The cookies were warm and the milk was served in a chilled glass.

It was definitely an amazing anniversary dinner! Thanks to the Broads for the wonderful gift! XOXO

  1. Address: 61 Lowell Rd, Groton, MA 01450

Gibbet Hill Grill is part of the webber restaurant group.  Also check out the newly opened Bancroft Steakhouse in Burlington.

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