Saturday, December 28, 2013

Restaurant Review: Ivy Noodle New Haven

The Mo and I have been going to Ivy Noodle in New Haven, CT since the Quinnipiac days (circa 2003).  It was my quick fix for when I was craving the local rice noodle dishes that were always available in Lowell but not the rural town of Hamden.

Sure we ate at the usual Applesbees and the college cafeteria when we felt poor (on my Qcard) but we liked venturing out to New Haven for a date night when the Mo visited (almost every weekend.)

Since we were visiting mom for a post Christmas gathering this wekeend, the Mo and I headed to Ivy Noodle for a quick lunch to reminisce.

It was a holiday weekend and school (Yale) was out of session, there were ample street parking.  New Haven itself was pretty dead.

The restaurant was exactly the same was it was a decade ago with the small seating tables for 2 and 4's and the open kitchen.

We didn't really need to look at the menu as we get the same things dishes every time.  I got my usual lychee drink with the lychee fruits floating in the frosted glass mug.

For appetizers we shared fried tofu in a chili peanut sauce.  So simple but so delicious.

They are also known for their homemade pork dumplings and we had to get an order of the pan fried version.  I was too excited to eat them and forgot to take pictures.

The Mo got his favorite dish, the Singapore chow fun which is a spicy rice noodle dish with fish cakes and shrimp.

I got the chicken pan fried noodles which lacked a little bit of flavor.  I should have remembered this because their Cambodian Noodle soup a few years back and it was definitely bland.

I totally forgot the restaurant was cash only so it sucked having to use the ATM within the restaurant to withdraw cash.

Food was still cheap, setting us back less than $30.00 for 2 appetizers, 2 entrees and 2 drinks. I felt like we were 19 and 22 all over again! Great memories at Ivy Noodles.

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