Thursday, December 5, 2013

Fairmont Makati's Singapore Slings and Doussants

We splurged a little and chose to stay at the new posh 5 Star Fairmont Makati recognized by Conde Nast as "Best New Hotel" in Manila.  The hotel boasted a beautiful infinity pool and fitness center (that we didn't have time to use) and large spacious guestrooms with modern amenities like all a neat bundle of cables you need to hook up anything electronic to the LCD TV or your laptop or both.
(photos from hotel's website, I forgot to take pics)

The hotel was within walking distance to numerous shopping malls where we had to go through security each time along with high end shopping centers featuring brands like Hermes and Burberry just to name a few. The Mo and I stuck with the malls as my new husband didn't budget an extra $15K for a new purse for his new bride.

We grabbed lunch at Jollibee, a fast food chain based in the Philippines, similar to McDonalds but they have rice, fried chicken and spaghetti.  The Mo had his heart set on trying the popular dining option so we gave it a try.

We split a "Jolly Hotdog" that is your typical hotdog topped with warm gooey cheese along with shredded cheese and conveniently topped with ketchup.  It was pretty good.

We both got the Palabok Fiesta noodles that came with shrimp, hard boiled eggs, pork and chicharon bits.  I couldn't make out the sauce but it was sweet and tangy at the same time.  I got a single fried drumstick and the Mo got a Mango pie.

The food was OK I guess inline with typical fast food fare.

After some disappointing shopping, we headed to the hotel cafe, Cafe Macaron to try their version of the "croughnut" croissant + donut which they named "Doussant."  All their flavors were sold out except for a peppermint chocolate so we went with that.  The pastry was fluffy and flaky like a croissant.  The chocolate frosting was reminiscent of a Boston Creme donuts with chocolate filling stead of the creme filling.  The pastry itself was delicious but the frosting and filling was a bit too heavy and rich for me.  I think I would have enjoyed a fruit flavor better.

Cafe Macaron Makati Doussant

Fairmont Makati Doussant Cafe Macaron
We weren't feeling adventurous on our last night in the Philippines and preferred the comfort of our hotel so we decided to take part in the Fairmont's Happy Hour , for about $15.50 USD per person, guests can partake in unlimited beer, wine, Singapore slings, peanuts and a complimentary's chef platter.

At the bar, we met some Americans on business travel from New York City and we gave them crap about the Ellsbury/Yankees Seven year deal.  I was approached by the director of food and beverage of the hotel, an extremely friendly woman who we exchanged conversation with for a good amount of time.  She encouraged us to throw our peanut shells on the floor. "Doesn't that just feel good?" she asked us.  It felt great!

The hotel was packed for a Wednesday night with people celebrating birthdays but mostly business men on travel.  The Singapore slings was probably the best seller.  It was very tasty but a bit too sweet for my liking so I stuck with the cab.

6 or 7 glasses of wine later, we were famished.  Probably not the best idea, but we stumbled to the nearby Greenbelt shopping area for dinner.

We settled on a Filipino restaurant, Smokin' Hot BarBQ and the rest I don't remember.

sigisg pork tortilla
Sisig served with tortillas

Crispy Bacon Belly

sigsig rice
Sigsig Rice

Pork BarBQ Skewers

Good by Philippines, it's been real!