Monday, July 7, 2014

An Oceanside Wedding celebration at the Union Bluff

Amsi and I go way back... like 20 years back when I was in the 4th grade and we've become close throughout the years.  I couldn't be more excited to share in her and Tim's wedding celebration at the Union Bluff Hotel & Meeting House in York, Maine.

The ceremony took place on the lawn, overlooking Short Sands Beach where families laid out on the sands and boats passed by in the ocean.  It was a really pretty backdrop to the wedding.

Guests arrived and were presented with handcrafted wedding programs that doubled as paddle fans.  People sat anxiously as they waited to see the bride.

The groomsman lined up and the wedding started.  The guys coordinated perfectly with their black tuxedo's and matching pretty bow and ties from vineyard vines.  What a great way to incorporate the beach theme wedding!

The bride's mother, Maria, looked joyous and overcome with excitement as she was escorted down the aisle with her son, Jorge.

The bridesmaids looked ravishing in their baby blue satin dresses with pink heels.  I loved their elegant pearl necklace and matching bracelets.

Next up, were the show stoppers.  Amsi's nieces were so adorable.  No stage fright whatsoever.

The bride was so thrilled that her grandfather was able to travel from Puerto Rico to walk her down the aisle.

As I sat in the audience, I was in awe watching Amsi and Tim smile at each other throughout the ceremony. Amsi couldn't help but giggle and grin at Tim.  Everyone spoke about how the wedding officiant gave a personal and memorable ceremony.

During the cocktail section, guests dined on lamb lollops, shrimp cocktail, bacon wrapped scallops, chicken sate as they drank top shelf beverages.  The location for the reception was perfect overlooking the beach as the sun started to set.

I accused these 2 beautiful ladies that they had the same dress on, they assured me that I was wrong and proved the differences.  They both looked great!

The ultimate planner bride had her wedding photography formals done prior to the ceremony so she could join her guests at the cocktail reception.  I thought that was a great win/win!  Her bridal party was able to take their time and visit multiple sites and not feel rushed to be back within an hour.  Her bridal party got to hang out and drink with the guests and their significant others.

It was time to make our way into the elegant ballroom at the Union Meeting House.  The guest tables were named after charity organizations that guests at the wedding were part of.

 The beautiful floral centerpieces would be donated to local hospitals and nursing homes in memory of the couple's grandmothers and aunt.  The couple has such a big heart.

One of the flower girls couldn't help herself and got on the dance floor to get the partying going.

Everyone found their tables and the bride and groom came around to give hugs and sneak in some photos before they had to go line up for their entrance.

The wedding party made their grand entrance as they danced their way up to the stage. Amsi and Tim surprised everyone by wearing flashing blue shades that were hidden in Timmy's jacket.  The music changed and the couple had their first dance.

Shalmai, Shamir and Kevin gave a great maid of honor and best man speech.  They incorporated funny child hood stories and lots of great advice.

Amsi's niece Katalina surprised her with a song from the hit Disney movie frozen.  Everyone was in awe.

The couple's cake was from Creative Cakes by Debby in Nashua, NH. I've had the pleasure of enjoying the cake 3 times including the engagement party, bridal shower and wedding.  I loved each bite but my favorite has got to be the lemon.

Following the cake cutting, the bride and groom danced with their step father and mother respectively.

 After all that, it was time to eat! Dinner was great! Guests has a choice between a delicious chicken dish (that the bride raved about), filet or surf and turf with lobster.  The salad had blue cheese and bacon (two of my favorite things) and they also served fruit sorbet in between the courses as a palate cleanser.

After dinner, guests were treated to cigars on the patio.  The ocean breeze felt great as the sun was starting to set.

Guest also mingled by the bar and at each other's tables.

Now the important stuff, it was time to dance.  Megan and Matt did their 90's rap song routine and got the crowd going.

Kate led the group for the Cupid Shuffle.

The bride wasn't shy and joined in on all the fun.

It was nice that the bride and groom requests some slow song incorporated into the list.

Out on the patio, the couple gave our sparklers.  Guests created an arch for Amsi and Tim to walk beneath.  It was so dreamy and beautiful.

Once everyone made their way back inside, the couple handed out glow sticks and the fun continued.  It was the wedding that kept on giving!

Yup, by this time, my heels were off and I was walking around barefoot. 

Apparently, I wasn't the only one.

Before the night came to an end, the couple had one last moment in the spot light.  Tim changed into his teal blazer and they danced as everyone gazed at the new couple.

OK.. then it was time for one last group picture! or maybe a couple..

The couple generously invited guests to the bar at the hotel and offered some late night bites at the after party.

For those who had too much to drink, guest staying at one of the nearby hotels were treated to an awesome swag bag filled with "Owen's Favorites" candy and an "Owens Hangover Kit." I thought that was so cool and convenient!  The bride spent hours creating the labels, assembly the goody bag and putting it altogether for her guests.

We had so much! We are so grateful to be part of your wedding celebration.  We wish you many years of love, health and happiness... most importantly laughter!


Kim and Mo