Sunday, July 20, 2014

Paulyna Khmer Wedding Ceremony in Lowell

A couple weeks ago, the Mo's younger brother, Paul got hitched.  The couple chose to go the traditional route and had a Cambodian wedding celebration with multiple ceremonies throughout the day.

The morning procession was to start at 8 AM, of course we were running on "Asian" time so it started a bit later than expected.  I visited the bride in her dressing room as the Cambodian wedding stylist was finalizing her hair makeup.  The vibrant green and gold outfit complimented Lyna's skin and she looked radiant.

I love Cambodian costume jewelry.  It's so detailed and decadent.  No white pearls here! I loved that the stylist incorporated a modern side braid in the bride's hair style.

For the Cambodian ceremony, only two of Lyna's bridesmaids had to dress up in Cambodian attire.  The other 2 got it easy but were troopers and came for the support anyway.

The kids looks so adorable in their clothes and Paul looked so handsome in his traditional Cambodian outfit.

Isa was so adorable that her uncle couldn't refrain from kissing her.

The house quickly filled up with friend and family dressed in both traditional Khmer fashion that included "Sampot Phamuong" and "Sampot Hol" as well as western outfits.  Everyone eagerly waited for the wedding festivities to begin.

Family and close friends grabbed a dowry plate offering and headed outside before the processional began.

The groom stood alongside his parents leading the trail of dowries.  Cambodian musician played music on the sidelines as they walked towards the house.

At the other house, the bride's mom checked to see how far along the groom's party was party was approaching.  Waiting at the house was also other members of the traditional Cambodian band playing hand held instruments that dates back many decades ago.

Once the groom is at the bride's door, the "Tha Acha" asks for permission for the groom's family to come into the house.

Alongside her bridesmaid, the bride comes out to greet the groom and welcomes them into her home.

After the morning ceremonies, guests were treated to yummy Cambodian "Nom Pa Chok" made by the bride's family.

So.. here's the thing.. I had to go to work for a couple of hours so I missed a few other significant ceremonies.  I did get back in time for last ceremony, the "Chong Dai" which translates into the "Tying of the hands."

I arrived towards the end of the "Chong Dai" aka "Pairing" ceremony where family and friends tie the hands of the newly wedding couple with strings to wish them a life time of happiness, healthy, prosperity and good fortune.

After hours of sitting, the stylist had to make some adjustments to the outfits.  How convenient is it to have someone on hand to do that?

Paul's sword was bad ass!

Towards the end of the celebrations, there was a comical act played by the band.  They got everyone laughing and dancing.

After all the wedding ceremony were completed, family and friends were invited to take pictures with the bride and groom.

What a great celebrating Paul and Lyna's matrimonial bliss.  Guests were invited to stay and feast on BBQ, banh hoi noodles and of course, Remy 1738.

Congrats to Paul & Lyna! aka "Paulyna"

Stay tuned for for pics from their fun filled reception at Pailin.

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