Sunday, July 13, 2014

Brown's Lobster Pound: The Best Seafood in New Hampshire

The Mo and I try to get to Brown's Lobster Pound at least once a year.  The food is consistent and always taste fresh and good.  I hate eating fried food that tastes like its been cooked in oil that's 3 weeks old!

If we are leaving the beach on a late Saturday afternoon in the summer, chances are the wait is significantly long!  The New England favorite serves up seafood along with other summer time staples, hot and fresh off the grill.

People come here for the food, the atmosphere and oh, did I forget to mention, its BYOB.  I was sold at BYOB.  Any place that lets me bring beer and wine to wash down my food gets extra brownie points.  Diners lug in coolers full of beer and wine.  Some of the fancier people have real wine glasses to drink out of.  There is one slight catch, you CANNOT bring soda and water into the establishment, you have to pay for that. Fair enough!

After soaking in some rays with the pups at Salisbury Beach nearby, we picked up some beer and headed over to Brown's for lunch.  Since it was a Sunday and people were still at the beach, we beat the rush.  This is what a short line looks like.

There are two menu boards displayed on the walls. This establishment is CASH ONLY and its noted on the menus.  Diners can order their fried and grilled food through the windows before heading into the restaurant to find a seat.

If you fancy boiled lobster, you can bypass the line and head straight into the lobster area to choose your own lobster from the tank.  It's then weighed and sold at market price and you can order additional fried food once inside.

Customers ordering boiled lobster are given a wood paddle with a number that is announced via the intercom once their food is ready.

Also inside the restaurant, there is a separate area for boiled steamed sold at market price.  Usually we get an order but I forgot to make my spicy lime dipping sauce.  It's not the same with butter.

Picnic style rustic tables are set up in the dining room, the outside patio and the parking lot for patrons to feast on their meal.

Since it was beautiful out, we opted to dine al fresco and drank our beers while we waited for our number to be called.  The view overlooks the bridge and natural marshland setting.

Four beers and 20 minutes later and number was called and the Mo went to pick up our food.  The food was served on a large red tray and plenty of tartar sauce to go with it all.

I wanted to get a little bit of everything so we pretty much did.  The "Small" onion rings were still a good size for only $ 2.95.  The sweet onions were lightly battered and weren't greasy at all.

Brown's Lobster Pound (Sm) Onion Rings $ 2.95
The Mo originally wanted a boiled lobster but we were turned off by price quoted to the lady in front of us. I'm not sure what size she got but it was priced at $ 37.00 for one lobster.  Even the customer was sticker shocked.  We opted for a lobster roll and lobster pie instead.  Both items had large chunks of lobster meat and packed with flavor.  I felt guilty pouring the clarified butter over the lobster pie.

Brown's Lobster Roll $ 13.75
Brown's Lobster Pound Lobster Roll with chunky lobster filling

Brown's Baked Lobster Pie Dinner with fried and coleslaw  $ 18.25
Chunky lobster meat with Ritz crumbs
Our favorite fried seafood has got to be large scrumptious scallops.  I also like fried clams and I was glad there was a combo plate with both options.  There was a note on the menu to add an additional $1.00 to cover the market prices of clams.  Although the coleslaw was just OK, the fried platter was delicious! We polished each scallop and clam and was actually given a couple calamari strips.

Brown's Lobster Pound Fried Clam and Scallop Plate $ 19.95

If you still had room after all that food, they also serve ice cream, frappes and floats.  We passed on it.
The dual sinks within the dining rooms are really convenient to wash up after all that messy eating, especially if you ordered steamers or lobster.

A great meal to end a great day on the beach! Until next time Brown's!

  1. Brown's Lobster Pound
  2. Address: 407 New Hampshire 286, Seabrook, NH 03874

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