Sunday, March 2, 2014

Samba Steak and Sushi House in Framingham

We met up with some old friends last night and had plans to go out to dinner in Worcester for restaurant week. The game plan was to meet at their house and head to Worcester together.  When we arrived, the Mo's friend Bai rolled out the red carpets for us and bought a 12 year scotch for the Mo and a few other things to make mixed drinks for the rest of us.

 After catching up over a  couple of drinks, we made our way too Worcester.
The first place we went to was a dump, it was a dive-like bar and we quickly went to choice 2, a Spanish Tapas restaurant.  The wait was an hour and a half ( I know.. but we couldn't make reservations) so our friends suggested going to their usual place, Samba Steak and Sushi house in Framingham, MA.

The restaurant was very modern and trendy with heavy Asian influence adorned with with Buddha statues. Although it was busy, there was no wait since we arrived after 9:00 PM.  The establishment seemed to be a popular spot for birthday celebrations as the gong keep going off every time the birthday song was about to take place.

Photo Courtesy of Samba's Website
Photo Courtesy of Samba's Website

The large restaurant features different levels and areas that included bar seating, a lounge and a downstairs area for private dining.

Photo Courtesy of Samba's Website
Photo Courtesy of Samba's Website
We were seated with another couple on a date at a Hibachi Grill station.  The Mo and I looked at each other and were like, "We never eat Hibachi and here we are, the 2nd time in one day!" (See previous post for Takumi in Nashua).  We were happy to be eating as we were STARVING by now.

The server came by to take our drink and appetizer orders. My girlfriend Leakhena ordered Saki,  I stuck with red wine and the guys went for Sapporo.

For starters we shared a dozen of Bluepoint oysters, pan fried shumai, the Spider Roll (my favorite!) and the Rock and Roll Maki which had a spicy scallop filling with lobster salad on the outside topped with black tobiko, red tobilo and wasabi tobiko.

Spider Roll $ 12.95 / Rock & Roll $ 18.00
The oysters were succulent and the shumai were great.

Bluepoint Oysters $ 2.50 ea

Shuma $ 5.50

Of course we couldn't forget, the seaweed salad!

Seaweed Salad $ 5.95 

For dinner we shared a General Gau chicken.  It was tasty but the portion was on the smaller side compared to the typical Chinese restaurant.

General Gau Chicken $ 13.95
Each couple split a Three Choice Hibachi grill option that included 3 choices of meat or seafood, shrimp appetizer, miso soup, house salad and vegetable fried rice for $ 30.95.  We both went with the filet and lobster tail whereas they chose the sea bass and we went with the calamari.

The chef arrived and was entertaining.  He threw pieces of vegetables in our mouth and made the volcano flames with the onions.

The food was very good and we were totally stuffed to the max.

After dinner, our friend told us that the lounge area turns into a dance party where a DJ plays music on Saturdays.  We grabbed a table in the lounge and the guys ordered another round.  I painfully watched 2 drunk couples danced with their significant others.  After some time past, Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" came on and I grabbed Leakhena to hit the dance floor.   Others joined us and the floor started to get busy.

I requested a few songs and we got the Mo and Bai to join us on the floor.  Little did we know, it was midnight and it was time for us to go home. What was supposed to be a casual early dinner turned into a fun night of drinking and dancing.  We're the total opposites, the Mo and I have to plan everything whereas our fun loving friends play ear.

Either way, we had a great time and it was nice to catch up with our busy friends.

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