Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pizza Hazel on Gorham Street in Lowell

We don't order "American" fast food much but when we are sick of Asian food, I love to get me some crispy hot wings and fried seafood.  Sure, Jimmy's is right down the street and Wings over Lowell has many flavors, but my favorite go to for "American" wings is Pizza Hazel.

They have about 13 wing flavors with my favorite being Spicy Thai Peanut and Oriental Honey Ginger. (OK, I guess they are almost like Asian wings)

8 Pcs Wings $ 7.95

All we ate in Greece was "Gyro" or "Doner Kebab" (in Turkey) so we wanted to give it a try locally.  The Mediterranean wrap came with a side and we went with the sweet potato fries.

Gyro Roll Up Dinner $ 8.95
We split a side order of fried scallops.  I was a bit dissappointed because I thought they would be the colossal size but they were only the little bay scallops.  They were a bit overcooked and on the chewy side.

The best part! They delivery and it was pretty quick! We got our meal in less than 35 minutes.