Monday, July 25, 2011

Mary and the Two Boys

Bloody Mary's are an acquired taste.. some either love it, or some absolutely hate it,  but I only LOVE it when its made to my liking.. and that is usually only  when I make it.. not too much horseradish, not too sour and not too peppery.. just a good blend of tomato juice, horseradish, salt, pepper, lemon, and lots of vodka and a dash of Tabasco sauce with an olive garnish. I also have to be in the mood, it's not one of those drinks that I get drunk off of since its a bit on the heavy side.

When we have tailgating parties for a Pat's game, one of my customer's is known for bringing the best home made Bloody Mary concoction.  She signs up every year to bring it and it takes her a good amount of time to prepare the mix which she later fridges for 24 hrs. The crowd loves it!

During a weekend getaway to Martha's Vineyard, we stopped for a late lunch at the Fishbone's Grille and Waterfront Cafe before catching our departure ferry. It wasn't the best Bloody Mary that I had, actually a bit on the salty side, but the jumbo shrimps were colossal and they made for a nice photo. I also wished they served this $ 12.00 drink in a glass cup and not a plastic cup.. just sayin...

"Mary and the Two Boys"