Thursday, July 21, 2011

Costa Rica Cuisine

 Costa Rica is by far my most favorite vacation destination so far. We spent 10 days backpacking the country and engaged in some of the most heart pounding experiences ever.

 Activities included waterfall rapelling, canopy zip lining, bathing in the natural hot springs, hiking volcanoes, snorkeling, horse back riding, fire dances and partying it up at the Beach Reggae Nights.

Waterfall Rapelling
Youth Hostel in Arenal, Costa Rica

Fried Empanada and Tamale

My backpack

Nachos, Grilled Chicken and Pico de Gallo

Costa Rican Fried Rice and Plantains

Beach in Montezuma

Breakfast: Lox and Schmear and Fried Plantains

Snorkeling Adventure

Imperial Beer and fresh exotic fruit

Montezuma at Night

Homemade bread at Puggo's

Beef Carpaccio at Puggo's
Puggo's In Montezuma Costa Rica was my favorite restaurant to eat at while we were there. It was recommended to us by a local expat that we met at bar.  I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive about eating raw beef in Costa Rica, but the beef Carpaccio was amazing! We did not get sick at all! The fresh home made complimentary flat bread  was to diet for!

Huevos Ranchero

Family meal at Anamaya

Dim Sum in San Jose

Cooking in the Youth Hostel in San Jose

We met some amazing people at the youth hostels and on our excursion and enjoyed the country's local cuisine. We hope to go back soon!

This is a video of me Doing a Tarzan swing, if you listen carefully, you can hear me say, "Oh my F*ckin God!"