Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Breanna's Bday Bouquet(s)

So my receptionist's birthday is coming up in 2 days.. and she is taking the next 1 1/2 days off for her bday festivities... which is cool.. but I had to come up with something quick for her. We usually just do the standard Shaw's cake for everyone at work and the company pays for it.  After work, a small group of us grab drinks at a local overpriced bar or a sports bar with $3.00 Shock Top drafts... but I felt like I had to do something a little special for her since she was new and I tend to "overuse" her services and she wouldn't be around to grab drinks after work anyway.

During lunch today, I ran across the street to Shaws and figured I could pick up some flowers and a mylar balloon and call it a day.  To my surprise there was a bucket of "Manager's Special" summer bouquets for only 2 bucks. I grabbed 2 with the intention of making it a bigger bouquet and calling it a day.  I asked an employee in the flower department for a vase and she priced it at $4.99.  She even offered to make the arrangement for me, I thought "Perfect!".. I walked out of the store this beautiful arrangement and it only set me back $ 10.61 with tax.
$ 4.00 for 2 bunches of flowers
$ 4.99 for the vase
$ 1.00 Miscellaneous charge for baby's breath, ribbons, greens, etc
Free card and card holder
= $ 10.61

I know I could probably went to the dollar store and got a vase and ribbons, but this was well worth the price, most importantly , it made her day! :)