Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Product Review- Cuckoo 10 Cups Rice Cooker

A rice cooker is a staple in every Asian household. When we bought our house, we were given a few hand me downs from my mother and sister. It would only last a few months before the rice would turn yellow after several hours in the "keep warm" mode or the rice just wouldn't cook at all. After the the last one gave up, I decided that I wanted to spend an extra few bucks for a quality rice cooker and not a budget one from the local Cambodian markets. After doing several hours of research and getting a recommendation from my friend Nat, we decided to shell out the money for a Cuckoo CRP-G1015F.

Cuckoo Pressure Cooker CRP-G1015F

To my surprise, we were able to buy it online through Bestbuy.com , earning  Best Buy rewards points in addition to using a 10% coupon.

The rice cooker features a "Turbo" function that really works and really does cook the rice in under 20 minutes. This is awesome for when I need to make multiple batches of rice for making trays of Cambodian fried rice or having lots of people over to feed.

It also has various cooking functions for brown rice, sushi rice, porridge, chicken soup and other functions that I have yet to try.

My favorite part is when it speaks Korean to alert you that the rice is done. This usually takes people by surprises, sometimes even scares people.  I know for a fact that both my father and nephew, Nick has been startled by  the talking machine.

Just a little warning that I would not place the rice cooker underneath any Kitchen cabinets as it does release a large amount of hot steam prior to completion of the cooking cycle. I would imagine that overtime, this would cause some wear and tear towards the cabinets.  We leave ours on our dining room table.

Overall, I love my rice cooker and would recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a rice cooker.
Large Batch of Fried Rice
Rice Made Using the Cuckoo Rice Cooker