Tuesday, August 23, 2011

In My Pant... ry

In my pantry, you will find lots of processed, high sodium, carb-loaded, high fructose foods that Jillian Michaels would not APPROVE of. The truth is... IF I did have an all natural and organic diet with low sodium, and low carbs, I would most likely have a normal BMI but the reality is, I don't.

I'm not proud of my pantry, but it is what is is. I strive to cook at least 5 meals a week and its tough to do without having side dishes that can be prepared in 10 mins from boxes or cans or pasta that can be cooked in 15 minutes or less. I do sometimes try to prepare my meals ahead but that doesn't always work.

I also like to keep supplies and non perishable ingredients on hand. I hate going to the supermarket for just one thing.. I like to stock up on my dry goods and i'm also a fan of buying meats on sale and freezing it. I know this may be frowned upon by many people, but at least I will be able to whip something up for dinner for unexpected guests.

Sometimes I even try to lie to the Mo and say, "there's nothing to make for dinner, let's go out!" but he usually knows I'm lying and he checks the pantry and freezer, and find something to suggest that I make.

Kim's Pantry Staples
Pasta- You can always find something to make with pasta

Canned Spaghetti Sauce- I use this as the primary base to my pasta sauce and add my own special ingredients and fresh tomato and other vegetables

Canned Tuna Fish - Easy Lunch option for the days I forget to buy lunch meat to pack the Mo's lunch

Boxed Rice - Love all varieties, (Spanish, rice Pilaf, chicken).. it goes good with any meat dish

Chicken Broth- I can make hundreds of soups out of chicken broth, easy soup dishes, just add chicken or seafood and pasta or vegetables