Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Infinity pool at Queenco Victory Beach Sihanoukville

To get from Siem Reap to Sihanoukvile, it was a short 45 minute flight.  The flight costs a little over $100.00 after all the taxes and fees but the Mo paid a little bit more and upgraded us to business class.

There are no jet way in Sihanoukville and everyone has to deplane using the stairs provided and walk into the airport whether you were an economy ticket holder or greater.

I found a great deal online for a newly refurbished hotel by the beach called Queenco.  Pay 3 nights and get one free. It included breakfast, airport transfer and a newly boasted fitness center along with a nightclub and 24 hour casino. (To the Mo's disappointment, we later found out that the fitness center was not opened yet)

Our driver was waiting for us in a decked out "casino" style van with red and black checkered seats.  When we arrived, we found out that the hotel was actually 2 separate buildings and was a short walk across a small street away.  They provided golf carts for convenience.

The decor of the hotel was clean, new, white and modern.  There were still evidence of construction and remodeling going on.  The hallway was missing fixtures and some of the furniture still had wrapping.  Check in was a breeze and we were given a "partial" seaside view on the 5th floor.

The room was cold in that it lacked any character.  It seemed like just a hotel room.  Outside my window, there were construction workers hanging around during lunch time. I didn't trust myself changing with the curtains open, we weren't that high up to not be seen.

After we got settled in, it was already getting closer to sunset and we walked to the pool/beach area to scope it out.  The sunset overlooking the beach and infinity pool was beautiful.

It didn't seem like the in house restaurants had much going on so we walked around the Vicotry beach area in search for a meal.  We went to a local mom and pop's place for dinner where it seemed to be pretty popular with the locals. They offered grilled steak, seafood specialties and premade Khmer stir fries and soups.

There were no set prices on the menu and the prices quoted to me seemed rather high. They knew we were foreigners and they were out to get us.  They were charging .75 cents for a small bowl of white rice when I was paying only .25 cents since the beginning of the trip.  Nonetheless, we were already there so we went with the grilled steak ($3.75) and fried omelette with minced pork, also ($3.75).  The food was good, I especially liked the trey prama omelet.

Grilled Steak $3.75

Local Khmer Meal at Victory Beach $11.25
We didn't do much when we headed back to our room, just watched BBC and uploaded pics from Siem Reap.  That is when we decided that the hotel was not for us. It was too big and lacked character.  The resort was empty and everyone seemed cold.  We decided to cut our losses and check out the next afternoon.

In the morning, the breakfast buffet was plentiful.  There was a noodle station as well as fried rice and congee for Asian breakfasts.

Cambodian Yellow Noodle Soup

White rice congee with salted fish and salted eggs
There were also other western staples like sausage, potato, omelet station and pastries.

We sat by the beach and enjoyed fresh papaya, pineapple and watermelon while we finished our coffee and tea.

The rest of the morning, we spent poolside where I swam 20 laps and lounged in the sun.  Still, there weren't any other guests besides one couple.  It was really strange.

We checked out at noon.  Management was willing to work with us and gave us a partial refund and only charged us for the first night.  We left Victory beach with no regrets and headed towards Otres Beach. We bargained a local tuk tuk driver for $9.00 to takes us to the other side of the beach town.

I would definitely recommend the hotel to families with children and wanted to stay within one area.  We love walking around and meeting new people and felt restrained.  The price was really great for a little under $50.00 a night with all the inclusions (breakfast, transfer, etc.) It just wasn't for us...

    Address: Victory Beach, Mohavithey Krong, District 3, Krong Preah Sihanouk 18000
    Phone:034 933 733