Monday, February 15, 2016

Best Loc Lac at Mahob Khmer Restaurant in Siem Reap

Mahob Khmer was conveniently located a short walk from our stay at De Sarann Villa in Siem Reap Cambodia. After a long morning of temples and waterfalls, the Mo and I walked to Mahob Khmer for a late lunch.

We arrived around 3 PM and were the only guests there.

The airy restaurant had outdoor seating in a garden setting as well as multi level seating in the wooden house.  There was some confusion at first because one person told us to go upstairs then we were asked to come back outside to the grass area.  Many selections on the menu was not available so we opted for the beef loc lac and woke fried lemongrass chicken.

The food arrived quickly and we had to request white rice with our meal.  Although the the lemongrass chicken an appetizer, it was more like a entree resembling kung pao chicken.  It was very good and had the perfect amount of flavor and spice.

The loc lac was very tender and flavorful. I am used to getting more vegetables but this must have been a "deconstructed" version.  The DIY lime sauce was great as well.  It was one of my favorite dish in Siem Reap.

Besides the original mix up, service was wonderful and friendly.  It could have been quicker when we asked for water and our check, etc. I think that is just how things are in Cambodia. slow.

I would recommend this restaurants to groups, families and couples.  Prices are a but higher than other restaurants but the ambiance and quality of food is great.

134 Traing Village Group 3
Siem Reap Cambodia