Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Recipe: Asian seared tuna salad

Alright, it's the first week of the year... I guess that means its time for new (or old) resolutions to eat better. Tonight, I made an Asian seared tuna kale salad. What makes it Asian? I suppose the water chestnuts, beansprouts and sesame ginger dressing.


  • 2 filet of tuna
  • 4 tablespoons of Sesame ginger dressing 
  • Chopped Kale
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • beansprouts- washed and drain
  • chopped scallion
  • chopped red onion
  • Optional: Crunch fried Chinese noodles (for texture)
  • Optional: Mandarin/clementine orange chunks
  • Optional: Baby cucumber
  • "Asian" frozen vegetable blend                                                         (water chestnut, pepper, broccoli, carrot, baby corn, sugar snap peas, mushroom etc)

Heat a skillet on high temperature. Sear the tuna on each side for a few minutes.  Inside should still be pink. Set aside to cool.

Blanch the frozen vegetables and kale for 20 seconds in hot water. Remove and drain.

Slice or chop the tuna. In a mixing bowl, combine the tuna, scallion, dressing, and red onion.

Place the blanched vegetables in a bowl (or plate) and top it off with the tuna mixture.  Sprinkle mandarin slices and baby cukes on top of the plate. Serve warm.

* If additional dressing is preferred, dash some on. (I have to watch the caloric intake)

After thinking about it, can this be considered a "salad" since its served warm and the veggies are slightly cooked? Oh well, bowl or salad, it's delicious!

Makes 3 Serving. I had enough to pack some for work.

One day, I added red cabbage and made a wrap. (Picture below was before it was wrapped. For the wrap, I used Joseph's Lavish bread. It has the best taste and texture and least amount of carbs.

Seared Tuna Wrap

The 2nd time, I made another salad. I added some fresh baby kale, red cabbage and half of an avocado and a tablespoon of pomegranate seeds for a colorful salad.

Kale Tuna Avocado Pomegranate salad