Saturday, January 16, 2016

Jacquet French crepe recipes

I'm a huge fan of crepes but I don't really have what it takes to make the delicate thin pancake.  The temperature has to be right, the flour mixture has to be accurate and the time on the pan has to be almost exact for it to be perfect.  I say screw it, I found these delicious premade crepes at Wholefoods  and came up with a few "semi-homemade" dishes on my own. Each package came with 10 crepes and was about $4.49.

The crepes are made with "pure butter, cage free eggs and high quality, non-GMO products."  They are absolutely soft and delicious eaten alone or part of a recipe.


For breakfast, I layered prosciutto and brie and topped it off with 2 sunny side up eggs. I sprinkled a little bit of course black pepper and salt and served with half of an avocado.

Breakfast Crepe

Since we would be eating lunch sooner than later, I cut up the crepe into 2 halves and the Mo and I split it.  It was delicious!

Other ideas include a breakfast wrap with bacon, scrambled or sausages

I'm a huge fan of lox and schmear so I made a smoked salmon crepe with kale and chive and onion cream cheese.  I guess, it could also be a breakfast dish?

Salmon cream cheese crepe

At the office, I brought caramelized onion dip and deli roast beef and made a delicious roast beef crepe wrap. (pic taken with a camera phone)

Roast beef caramelized onion crepe
Other ideas included a tuna salad or chicken salad crepe roll.


I grilled a turkey burger in the Nuwave oven and sliced it into halves before making a turkey burger crepe roll up, served with crinkle cut fries.

Turkey Burger Crepe roll up

Using the crepe to make desserts was my favorite "meal" to make.

Using bananas, Nutella, cool whip and powdered sugar, I made a dessert crepe that was rich and gooey and satisfying.

Banana nutella crepe
For a "healthier" dessert crepe, I made one with fresh fruit, shaved coconut and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

If you want to try making some of the recipes with the Jacquet crepes, there is currently a $2.00 coupon off their crepes and waffles that is good until the end of the month (January 31st 2016.)

 $2.00 off coupon

There is also a separate $2.00 off coupon to try their waffles.