Friday, January 1, 2016

Executive lunch at Strip by Strega

To end the year, the Mo and I headed into Boston for some "last night" debauchery. Before we did that, we enjoyed the city before the sun went down.  We checked into our hotel and hopped on the T towards the Boston Common and strolled around the park.  There were lots of tourists and families out and about the area.

After we got cold, we headed to Strip by Strega to warm up.  I'm a fan of Strega Prime in Woburn and Strega Waterfront.  I was super excited to try their latest addition to the Varano Group.

The decor of STRIP is really modern and flashy. The crescent booths are elegant and the beautiful light fixtures were grand. Since it was NYE, there festive balloons strung along the walls of the dining rooms.

I started off with a glass of Argentinian Malbec and the Mo had a neat Oban.  Prices weren't too bad at $10.00 per glass for the red wine.  Two small warm rolls were brought to the table.

We ordered fried calamari and lobster bisque before our "Executive" lunch.

Malbec $10.00

Calamari $16.00

The lobster bisque was delicious.  There were a few lobster chunks in the hearty cup of goodness.  I thought it was priced well at only $6.00.

Lobster Bisque $6.00

Strega bisque, chunks of losbster
Since we knew we would be drinking and going out later, we didn't get a heavy meal. We opted for the "Executive Lunch" which includes a starter, a full size entree and a dessert.

For the first course, we got mushroom bisque and steak tartare. The steak tartare was very good and it was served with a quail egg.

The mushroom soup was a bit too tangy for me but the Mo enjoyed it.

Mushroom Bisque
For lunch, I got the seared cod with gnocchi. I was surprised that it was a full size entree.  The gnocci was delicious and the sauce was amazing. I have a new found love for cod and I think I will start buying it and cooking it more.

Seared cod and gnocchi
The Mo went with the steak frites and fries.  It was a good portion.  I tried a bite of the steak and it was flavorful.

Steak frites executive lunch special
We were too full for dessert so they packed it up for us.  There was a misunderstanding with the "bus girl" and she threw out our calamari instead of packing it to go.  Without asking, the kitchen made us a brand new order for us to take home. That is top notch customer service.

Total for drinks, 4 appetizers, 2 entrees, 2 desserts was about $90.00.  That is an incredible steal considering it's a high end steakhouse.  Sure, we could have spent more but the thought of a 16 poz ribeye or porterhouse steak sitting in my stomach didn't appeal to me.

I'd definitely come back again for lunch and even for dinner to try out their steaks.

Happy New Years!

    Address: 64 Arlington St, Boston, MA 02116