Wednesday, June 11, 2014

A Romantic Oceanfront Bar Harbor Wedding Ceremony

I assume most of you are pretty familiar with this awesome couple (Angel & Bryan) after reading the Great Gatsby bridal shower post, their Cambodian blessing and praying ceremony post and their Cambodian wedding processional post.  (Fret not, I will do a post on their Cambodian reception at Pailin sometime this weekend.) 

I was honored to be invited to their intimate wedding in Bar Harbor Maine and asked to be a reader in their ceremony.  The nuptials took place at the beautiful Bar Harbor Inn, a top notch hotel and spa directly on the waterfront.

The ceremony took place on the beautifully landscaped lawn overlooking Frenchman Bay.  The bride feared it would rain on her wedding day but the sun was shining and the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

As guests walked onto the ceremony location, there was no sides of the aisle to be chosen.  The bride and groom wanted everyone to sit together.  I thought that was a special touch.

The beautiful lace programs served as a double purpose and guests were able to use it as a fan as they waited for the ceremony to commence.

Aunt Debbie, Bryan's aunt was the officiant for the wedding.  She stood by the "alter" as everyone got in place.  There were occasional winds that sometimes knocked the flower columns over.

After a few minutes of anticipation, the groom walked down the aisle followed by the bride's mother.  The royal blue tie and dress was a great complement to the coral and peach wedding colors.

The brides maids were dressed in tan lace dresses. I love that they all had different dresses and was able to still look in sync with one another.

Angel's niece, Symphony, was so adorable.  Prior to the ceremony, Bryan told her to look for him and walk towards him.  Since the audience towered over her, she couldn't find Bryan and was so confused.  Eventually, she made her way to the front.  It was so cute.

Kenji looked like a "pro" ring bearer.  He held his head up and walked down the aisle with confidence.

It was time for the bride to make her way down the aisle, escorted by her father.  All eyes were on Angel.

 Bryan's parents were beaming with excitement.

Angel looked absolutely stunning.

After the address to the couple by aunt Debbie, Kathy Curry went up for the first reading.  It was so touching and emotional that she kept choking on her words.

I chose a funny reading by Pam Ayres, "Yes I'll marry you my dear!" It was more lighthearted and comical.

The Vows and Exchange of Rings was quite emotional. I don't think there was a dry eye at the ceremony.

The kiss was so romantic!

The couple opted to have a Rose Ceremony as part of their wedding.  I've never seen it before but after the explanation (and a GOOGLE search) it was described as "the exchange of two roses symbolize the giving and receiving of the couple's love for each other throughout their entire married life. The Rose Ceremony also conveys how to use the rose and its symbolism in difficult times in order to forgive each other."

Following the couple's exchange of roses, Mera (the Matron of Honor and bride's sister) did a reading in Khmer and English on the significance of the couple's mom.  Bryan and Angel offered roses to their mom.  It was a real tear jerker.

The short and sweet ceremony went by so quick that the recessional was starting before I could get myself together.  Thank god for sunglasses because I had black raccoon eyes.

Symphony was like "I got this!"

After the ceremony, we took a couple pictures before heading into the cocktail reception.  The REAL photographer took a picture of all of us from the balcony. I CAN'T wait to see it!

The rest of the bridal party did their formals along the picturesque background.

I opted for the chilled lobster and lamb lollipops instead.  Stayed tuned for the RECEPTION!


 Post Bar Harbor Wedding Wishing sky lanterns
Post Bar Harbor Wedding Wishing Sky Lanterns