Friday, March 22, 2013

A winter engagement session

winter engagementThe Mo and I are obsessed with bridal shows, if it's free and our schedule is open, we are there! At our first show, we won $500.00 cash.  Last summer we attended a bridal show at the Andover Inn and to our surprise, we won a free engagement shoot with Eye Sugar Photography!

In addition to the potential prize giveaways, I do love to taste wedding cakes and some shows even offer free drinks!  The engagement session was a coincidence because our friends who got married the previous year also won an engagement session too.

Of course I kept putting off the session because timing was never right (aka, I was always trying to lose weight) but of course the deadline was approaching and we had to get our save the dates out ASAP.  We finally booked with them and decided on a "country" location at the Hamilton House in South Berwick, Maine.  I loved the rustic barn and cobblestones in the location samples they provided us.

I tried to find inspiration on pinterest and gathered as many props as I could. I made a cheap bouquet from Market basket flowers for less than 5 bucks. I brought my favorite Brookstone soft blanket and of course, I brought our favorite props, Chewie and Odie.
Winter Engagement

Silly me, I didn't even think of dressing "rustic" as I wore my "pleather" pants and leather knee high boots and my staple accessory, a head band (3 of them to be exact). Upon arrival at the scene, I thought.. I should have worn my brown boots and jeans instead!

Shalla, our photographer and the owner of the company was really nice and friendly. She was super sweet and was extremely professional.  She got us to do "lubby dubby" poses in front of the camera.  We went through 45 minutes of smiling, kissing, hugging, sniffing (yes sniffing) and lots of poses.

The dogs were a bit camera shy and we only got a couple of picture with them since they were more interested in sniffing the area than looking at the camera.

Kim Srey Winter engagement

We actually got custom mugs that were supposed to be the image for our save the dates but again.. we waited too long and didn't end up using them.

It was a fun day and great practice for the real day! Thanks Shalla and Eye Sugar Photography!