Saturday, February 23, 2013

And let the wedding planning begin!

With less than 6 months to go, the Mo and I have some final planning to do before we get hitched in August. The crazy planning freak  in the both of us have agreed upon most of our vendors.

We chose the Andover country club because it offers an upstairs inn with rooms for our drunk guests to stumble to after the party.. oh yeah and because its pretty too.

Our wedding coordinator, David Peterson has been great answering all our questions and giving us wonderful feedback.

So far, we have booked the venue, entertainment, photographer, hair & makeup and florist.  (Update, we booked our cake!)  We even have most of our honeymoon planned that we would like to take in November, 3 months after the wedding. I was actually surprised that my boss accepted my 18 days vacation request!  Most of the other important dates have been set, bridal shower in June and bachelorette party in July.  We're going to Miami bitch!...well at least the girls are... the guys are going to Toronto.

Wedding attire has been purchased but I have yet to find shoes and finalize accessories.  Royal/Cobalt blue is our main color and the bridesmaids have narrowed down their selections to some exciting options.

The guest list... yeah.. that's still a battle... we're going back and forth with a handful of "questionables" so its anywhere between 210-225 guests right about now.

Tonight we had our tasting at the club.  I must admit, they put on a spectacular tasting event.  I did prefer this to a private tasting as we were privileged to try almost everything on the menu.  Although it wasn't free, ($25.00 a person), it was worth the experience.  I've changed my mind on many of the menu items that I previously selected.

We were seated at our own guest tables that were decorated with centerpieces and linen provided by different vendors advertising their goods and services.  If budget was not an issue, I would definitely have been interested as they were beautiful displays.

During the first hour, they had a cocktail reception in the smaller trumpeter's room where they offered house wines and delicious passed hors d'oeurves.  I keep going back for more wine (to get my money's worth haha) and enjoyed the canapes that I wouldn't have imagined that I would like.  I loved the presentation of the trays and the stations.
Delicious Risotto crabcakes
Mini Cuban Sandwiches
Mozzarella tomato Crostini 
Cheese Display
Delectable coconut shrimp

During the cocktail hour, there were a handful of cake vendors with beautiful eye catching displays.  Its amazing with some of these bakers can do.  The detail work that goes into some of these works of arts are incredible.

After a very filling cocktail hour, we went back to our tables in the Andover room where they had a buffets with 5 different stations that offered entrees, salads and side dishes.  Although it was really difficult to continue eating, we attempted to try everything offered.

They had one dedicated seafood table that offered delicious stuffed shrimp, grilled swordfish and baked haddock just to name a few.

There was a variety of carving stations including prime rib, sirloin, filet mignon and turkey.

There was one table dedicated to all of their chicken dishes along with sides.  The portions were cute as they were cut to a size small enough to enjoy but not to overwhelming.
Sample plated chicken oscar with sweet potatoes and vegetables
We nibbled on seafood, meat and side dish that we had on our plate.

First plate with haddock noella, baked salmon, stuffed shrimp, grilled swordfish with kiwi -pineapple salsa 
Second plate, sirloin, chicken oscar, chicken avignon and chicken verdicchio with sweet potatoes, roasted potatoes and twice baked mashed potatoes
 And as if we weren't already stuffed enough, there was a large offering of desserts to end our meal including additional cake from the vendors and a banana foster station.

French Macaroon display
I tried to get a tasting of each sweet and my eyes were bigger than my stomach.
Dessert tasting 
I ended bringing some home. The Mo was appalled.  He was right, he knew I wasn't go to end up eating it after all.  The good thing is that I did share it among friends.

I actually have my real cake tasting today so I will keep you guys posted on how that goes.