Monday, February 20, 2012

Banana Crepes

Fruit Crepe
Mami's Banana and Nutella Crepe
Khao San Road Banana Pancake

When we were in Thailand, we ate banana pancakes almost everyday.  For less than $1.00, we enjoyed the heavenly made to order treat filled with whatever our hearts desired.   Its been more than 5 months since our vacation overseas and the Mo had a sudden craving for banana pancakes.

I tried looking up recipes online but none of them seemed to be what we had in Thailand. I decided to make a faux banana pancake using premade crepes.

From my pantry, I gathered powdered sugar, chocolate syrup, and Nutella.

I got some fresh berries and whipped cream from the fridge.  For the bananas, I preferred the riper yellow bananas since they are sweeter.
Premade Crepes

Turn the skillet to "Warm" or 200 degrees. I prefer to use the electric skillet due to its large cooking surface.
Place a sheet of the crepe on the skillet.  Place the Nutella and sliced bananas gently on the crepe.

Let the crepe sit with the filling for about 2 minutes and fold the crepe twice into a triangle.
Place the triangles on a plate.
Banana Crepe

Drizzle Chocolate syrup and sift powdered sugar on the crepe

Nutella Banana Crepe