Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Cambodian Dining Spot on Branch Street: New Happiness Restaurant

New Happiness Restaurant Cambodian Cuisine Branch Street
Since the Mo and I didn't go the traditional Cambodian reception route, we had our wedding reception "Cambodian Banquet" style at New Happiness Restaurant.  We discovered this new restaurant when we had to pick up some Asian groceries in the Pailin Supermarket which shares the same building and parking lot.

We ordered some of the popular Cambodian dishes, mango shrimp salad and mee ka thung wide rice noodles.  The portions were large and they both tasted great.  I inquired if they were available to host our rehearsal dinner and offer the standard 8 course meal for us.

The owner was a bit hesitant because it was the same weekend as the popular Southeast Asian Water Festival and feared that it would be a busy night for him.  He obliged anyway and quoted us about $600.00 (inclusive of tip and tax) for about 20 people.  We were able to modify the menu for our non-Asian guests by adding in eggrolls, beef skewers, hot and sour soup,pad thai, etc so we got more than the standard 8 course fare.

The best part is that they didn't have a liquor license  so we brought in our own booze.  They iced our Remy 1738, beer and wine for us and provided glasses and cups.  That saved a ton of money because almost  everyone in our wedding party are lushes.

They prepared two of each dish on large platters for us to share.  In addition to the traditional Cambodian starters, we had egg rolls and beef sticks.

New Happiness Restaurant Egg Roll and Beef Sticks
We got the chicken feet salad, one with chicken feet and one without.

Cambodian Chicken Feet Salad
There were many other dishes in between but I forgot to take pictures.  One of the entrees we ordered was the sweet and sour whole fish.  I like that the sauce had ground pork on it.

Cambodian Sweet and Sour Whole Fish
Dinner was great and we were all stuffed!  $ 600.00 for 20 people and we can bring your own booze and take home plenty of leftovers, count me in! Sure, it might be cheaper to order a la carte but I don't think I can find any other style dinner (that's not a buffet) where I can feed my guests more than 8 courses for less than $30.00 a head and allows me to BYOB.

New Happiness Restaurant 
  1. Address: 6 Branch St, Lowell, MA 01851
    Phone:(978) 459-7280